Friday, January 30, 2009


... i dreamt of him again last nite. it was so weird. i dreamt that i was hanging out with him, his wife and his daughter. his daughter is so adorable. and in the dream, she loves me as much as i love her. it was a beautiful dream. i think his daughter is seriously very very adorable. like a little princess :) i woke up feeling all weirded out. i dont want to miss him. but i do. he is already married and i've already made my choice.

sigh... life goes on. :)

work wise, rumours has it that TUB has tender her resignation... right... i think it's another ploy to squeeze more money from the boss.

submitted my resume to a few companies already. yes, i AM actively seeking new employment. i've been pondering and thinking for some time now. working here is seriously not healthy for my mentality. :D

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