Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dear you...

.... i m seriously sick and tired of being treated like a welcome mat by you. i m seriously sick and tired of you always replying me : See how first, maybe i have to go out with friends. whenever i ask you out. harlow? first come first serve! i ask you out 1st, means you go out with me la! who the fuck do u think i m la? welp, since i've got nothing better to do, let's go out with the cow! wei! i m also human leh! i also go feeling one you know or not???

who were there for you when you needed financial help??? who were there for you when you felt like the world's loneliest person??? who where there for you EVERYTIME someone bullies you??? so, now your life is like a bed of roses, and you decided to hang out with those who have done you wrong previously, and you just chuck me aside.... who the fuck do u think i m la????

i hate myself so much for being so damn fucking weak everytime you come crawling to me. i keep thinking, i have to be there for you all no matter what coz we are families. but you all doesnt seems to think so. forever taking me for granted. i cannot take it anymore la. how many times must i get hurt like that?

from today onwards, dont expect a single help from me, i will not be there for you anymore. even if it's life and death. today is the last straw. good luck.

big cow.

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