Friday, January 23, 2009


... am disgusted with some people who actually purposely created a blog just to manipulate the truth about something and spin a web of lies to make themselves look like a victim.... either that, or she is truly stupid for not understanding the situation around her....

*shakes head in disbelief*

cny is around the corner.... doesnt seems like it's gonna be a happy one so far... the only silver lining is that i will be seeing my nieces and nephews soon... it will be great! been a long long time since i last saw them and i miss them heaps!

will be meeting up with lisa tomorrow i think, need to find uncle to get car batteries.... anyway, i have no mood to blog la...

on a happier note, small cow finally got her car! yippee!! :D


  1. yipeeee~~

    yes yes. very manipulative. she's aware with her surroundings. just living in denial. and she's not applying the whole scenario. just bits and pieces that she's the victim... *shakes head with bigcow*

    big cow! me love u!

  2. small cow, big cow very curious, she seems to be stalking here as well? :P