Saturday, December 27, 2008

cotchy post ahead!

... so i've been stalking on blogs lately and i notice something really annoying. i cant stand blogs who tells us what a wonderful life they have, and how much they love and appreciate life and what a perfect life they have and all that crap. i know la, it's good to be positive but it's getting so damn fucking sickening.... like what the fuck are they trying to prove? are they really that low self esteem that they need a blog to constantly remind themselves that they are having an ultra sweet and perfect life? ok la, i dont wanna say 'they' anymore la. it's just one particular person whom i've sort of know real life. everytime i stalk on her blog, i just feel disgusted all over again, but being a true blog stalker, i cant help not stalking her disgusting blog as well... hahahahahahahahahahah....

i've created a wordpress account too. but wordpress is damn slow.... should change it's name to slooooooooowwwwwpress! :P

cooked dinner again last nite. the result is much better. i actually enjoyed my meal damn much! :D small cow, next time i cook for u, okies? :D

sometimes i like to gaze at clouds. i find gazing at clouds calms my mood. here are a few examples:

this was taken one of those perfect saturday morning, i was damn fucking late for work, but i still whip out my camera to snap this photo :D

this was taken on the way to LCCT but i dont remember why were we going to LCCT alre, Minger, why ah?

ok, enuf about clouds, like you are interested :P i m so in the mood to post up pic. lemme check my hard disk :P

wokie, none that i would like to show... :P too bad. :P

i m bored. i need to go somewhere.

oooh.... super excited! am planning to see godsons tomorrow :D hopefully they are still in Bangsar la :D


  1. ehhh ehhh? who u were saying about blogging what a wonderful world?

  2. some girl whom i sort of know la, will give u the url via msn ;)