Tuesday, December 30, 2008

socially retarded...

... is Big Cow's middle name, yes, my full name is Big socially retarded Cow, nice to meet you too :P

it's funny how life works. one moment you are healthy as a bull drinking and partying away like there's no tomorrow, and then suddenly, one crash changes everything...

it was less than a week ago when we were all out drinking and laughing and singing, and then suddenly one morning when we came to work, things has changed. the boss met with an accident on Friday late nite / Saturday early in the morning. We all came to work as usual on Saturday, not suspecting anything, altho we received some weird as message from Mr. S, but then again, Mr. S is ALWAYS weird ass, so we didnt suspect anything. 12pm came, and i was suppose to have a discussion with my lady boss about some work and she has not come in yet, but it's sort of a norm too since she sometimes does that. then suddenly Ms Ai stood up and ask me: Big Cow, boss aksiden masuk hospital, ke? and i went ha? and she went ya la, Em dapat sms dari lady boss. and suddenly the monotonous saturday morning has broken, everyone is scrambling to cancel or postpone their Saturday appointments to visit the boss. then halfway thru, Em showed us an sms from lady boss telling us dont have to visit as the boss dont like to be fussed around and that everything's ok. so everyone started to scramble to keep their cancelled appointments. from the sms-es that lady boss and the boss sent me, i reckoned he is ok, altho i heard from Mr S later on that the car is totalled, the boss will need to get a brand new car, which from the words of Mr Corn and Mr T, it seems normal. Boss is a daredevil, apparently.

We went about our own stuffs, went out with Minger, then on the way back that night, received an sms from lady boss. boss has been admited to ICU, there is a tear in his liver. the 1st thoughts that came into my mind was, there goes his drinking days. Called Finger and we decided to visit boss before going to Mr T's house the next day.

That will be the 1st time in my life stepping into an ICU ward. before going in, lady boss briefed us, the scanned result just came out, apparently boss' liver has been torn into half. O.M.G.... and boss' first sentence was: there goes my drinking days - =.=" alcoholic, aint he? :P

it was a disturbing sight seeing boss like that. wincing in pain whenever he talk, coz he has bad reaction towards painkiller - so he cant take any. boss is a big tall strapping man. he is as strong as a bull and to see him lying down on the bed wincing in pain feeling weak and cant talk much is really disturbing.

hope he'll get well soon la.

the accident: dont really know what happens. no one wanna get into the details. what i heard was boss was sleepy and crashed into a tree near our office at 2 something in the morning.

other colleagues thinks he was drunk. i believe he was tired, coz last i remember, there isnt any pubs near our office.

on another note, i m at most times, a social retard. i usually do not know how to behave like a normal human being when i m with a group of people. i always feel awkward and dont know what to say... so what happens was, before we left, i told boss to get well soon, and i must la add this sentence : i know this is a corny sentence, but it seems like a norm for people to say, so get well soon la. boss and lady boss exchanged looks like: what a retard we have employed! =.=" then boss and lady boss got to remind us that we need to bring something to Mr T's house since we are going there to makan, and i was like: really? why? it never cross my mind and they went like: it's a form of courtesy. and i went wide eyes: ooooh.... yes, i m really a social retard, this is one of the main reason why i usually like to hide under the rock :P

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