Friday, December 26, 2008


.... is the word today.... Stoned Cow... hmm... maybe i should change my name :P

Anyway, we had gifts exchange thingie and this is what i've got! :D

cute hor? :P and here's the whole collection of Big Cow's office pets :D

Having office pet(s) is really really good for one's sanity..... Mr Darlie (that black round thingie) has been my favourite pet since day 1. :D damn nice to throw him around, especially when i damn frustrated with a co-worker ;)

We had Christmas dinner at Itallianies Sunway Pyramid and the service was damn sucky. Guess they can't cope with the massive orders for that night. Some of our appetiser did not arrive and some of us got the main course before the appetiser arrive and all of us waited for 1 whole hour to get our desserts only to get the wrong one! but overall, i m ok la, coz i managed to self entertain myself my smoking like a chimney and drinking like a cow :D after dinner, we went over to Red Box and i guess i enjoyed myself more in Red Box than dinner coz i've seen a different side of most people ;) and we drank more :P left Red Box around 4 something and by the time i arrived home, it was almost 5am! by the time i sleep was already 6ish.

woke up around 6ish - in the evening - feeling damn stoned... went dinner / breakfast with LM and then went walking like a zombie around Subang. Slept at around 3ish and woke up at around 8ish this morning.... damn fucking stoned wei!!

btw, my boss is making it his mission to hunt down my blog.... or so he says. hopefully he was just drunk ;)


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