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Mental diarrhea #543567768

Actually, wanted to put the title as KSK - Bangkok Bank route + Petaling St riverbank bonus route.... but i think i've got too many KSK titles alre :P

Yes, i will still be blogging about KSK. But 1st thing 1st, remember my Bank Rakyat Credit Card Scam entry? Welp, just heard from Fel that Mama was a victim recently.

The modus operandi is almost the same. This time round, instead of Bank Rakyat, they used Hong Leong. Mama got conned RM4000+++ =.=" i urge everyone to be alert la. if you receive such calls, saying that you owe the bank XXXX amount of money and you know you dont own that bank's credit card, pls dont panic. do some sleuthing work on google and chances are, it's fraud. :D

These are the stuffs to be alert:

1. Note the accent of the caller. Write down everything they say. google the information they gave. like the phone numbers. if they claimed to be calling from so and so company, google the company's info and see if the phone number has the same 1st 3 digit or not. this is to accertain they are calling from where they claim to be calling from.

2. Even if they claim that a police officer will call you, and this police officer did call you, dont panic. and you should have a warning bell ringing in your head liao. since when our malaysian police is that efficient la? :P

3. Also, please la, warning bells should ring like mad when anyone of them ask you to transfer $ out of ur account to another account. dun be so gullible la.even if you do need to "pay", shouldnt you be paying to the card account instead of someone's savings account? :D

4. Call the bank's customer service line (google it!) and ask for the debt collection / credit card dept. and check if you indeed have a card with that bank and if you indeed did owe them this amount. if really got such thing, dont panic, tell the bank to suspend the card and inform them you did not apply for that card nor did you ever use the card. report police and email / fax the police report to the bank and speak to higher authority to see if they can waive it. prolly need to consult lawyer, i dont know :P

Conclusion is, dont panic and dont part your money at all :D

Anyway, change subject. :D

Went to KSK again tonight and i would say tonight's experience is by far the best i've had so far :D

Picked Fel up at 7ish, jammed to KL. Reached Imbi around 7.45pm. Proceed to Wai Sek Kai to have quick dinner before reporting to KSK.

Helped to pack the food. Jaga the counter for the walk in clients (we refer the homeless and urban poor as clients coz we are serving them :D). Got super annoyed with one of the volunteers  coz she/him was super bitchy and selfish towards me by PUSHING ME and giving me bitchy attitude. Then super hiao to everyone. Dont even know what did i do to offend him/her. After awhile, i got enough of his/her attitude, someone came along and asked if there is anything she can do to help, i immediately vacate my position and get her to do it :P And i just lepak there and noticed the "shim" started to be bitchy towards that volunteer as well =.="

Saw many new faces as well as regulars. i've reached the comfort stage where i dont feel self conscious and i know almost 50% of the volunteers. which is great! :D

Went out to smoke a bit and then......... kaboom! heavy rain!!

The briefing started at around 10.25pm. by 11pm, we all left the soup kitchen to do our rounds. Fel and I got Bangkok Bank. Super happy with a new route :D There are 8 of us in this route. We went in 3 cars.

1st stop, Kota Raya. Due to the rain, our teamleader asked us to stay in the car and the guys went down to distribute 2 sets.

2nd stop, Bangkok Bank. Fuuuuuuhhhhhhh.... damn ramai!! all of them were sleeping at the corridor along the bank's compound. When we arrived, one guy client took the initiative to wake all of them up and got all of them to form a queue whilst we were busy unloading the foodstuff and everyone is delegated to distribute an item. Tonight's distribution is massive! :D We gave out:

1. Vegetarian dishes + rice
2. 3 assorted flavored Hi5 buns
3. 1 loaf of Hi5 bread
4. 1 vegetarian pau
5, 2 packets biscuits
6. 1 mandarin orange
7. 1 bottle of drinks
8. Tooth brush + tooth paste

Almost all the clients were lamenting it's too much to carry :P

Then a heart warming incident happened. whilst we were distributing food, one young man and an old man cut queue. The clients got angry and scolded the young man. We stopped distributing the food until the chaos subside and the young man joined the queue. The old man was still standing in front of us not budging. So we told him to queue. Then he told us both his legs are swollen and he couldnt move much. So we told the rest of the clients, this uncle is hurt, he cant move to the end of the line. All of them unanimously insisted we serve this old man 1st. it was really heart warming. this shows that even these people are compassionate and know manners and respects.

another small drama happened, there's this Myanmese, who is in pain and keep on begging our teamleader for money. saying that he wants to see doctor. he dont look like he is acting and if he is acting, i seriously think he should have the best actor award of the century :P. As our policy is not to give out money, our teamleader called for ambulance. but malaysia being malaysia, they refused to come. (!!!!????!!!!!???!!!!) so in the end, we have no choice but to leave him there and the teamleader will bring a doctor over to see him tomorrow. we are not allowed to fetch any homeless anywhere for our own safety.

after Bangkok Bank, we realized we did not have enough food to go to a few stops that has more clients. for our safety purposes, we did not go to that stop coz if we go there and dont have enough set of food, we might get mobbed. so the teamleader called another route's teamleader and found out that they have excess food. so he asked that route's team to take over our route. we went to masjid negara to distribute the rest of the food.

after the masjid negara round, we had surplus of 6 paus and a lot of loaves of breads and tooth brushes. so our teamleader called Petaling St route's teamleader coz that route is forever insufficient of everything. they so happen were at the last stop, the riverbank at Jln Syed Putra near the roundabout. This round is notorious coz have to climb down the monsoon drain, climb up the overhead bridge, walk into dark tunnels (motorcycle lanes) to look for the clients.

We all decided to pop over to pass the excess to them. it was like a big KSK party there :P instead of passing the excess to them, we helped to distribute as well :D

Yup! we sort of did 2 routes today! :D

This riverbank route is really an eye opener. we walked thru the dark tunnel in group with a few people using flashlights, when we reached at the end of the tunnel, it was a roundabout for motorcycles. a few of them were sleeping on the roundabout, some were sleeping on top of the wall below the flyover bridge. what is amazing is, the wall is made out of those small stones that you found on some garden that has foot reflexology thingie. so it's pretty painful to sleep on. the other amazing thing is, the width of the top of the wall is only about a foot wide. how to sleep? wont accidentally roll down meh?

i love the KSK volunteers. everyone is super friendly and nice (except for the shim - dunno what's his/her problem) and everyone come together with one objective - to help the homeless and urban poor :D

Fel has also pledge to donate fruits every fortnightly - coz she can afford it. and i am proud of her :D

ok. i gotta stop writing now. i've only got 3hrs left to sleep!! :D

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