Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bank Rakyat Credit Card Scam

Whoa! i just received a scam call from a fake Bank Rakyat personnel. And i've decided to blog it out so that you ppl will not fall victim to such stupid scam =.="

The number i received the scam call from is 03-21698888 - "Ms Lim"

What happened was, this Ms Lim called to tell me that they have received a call from me this morning requesting for an increase in credit limits. And that it is not possible to increase since i still owe them RM8350.00 which apparently i've swiped it in Sentosa, Singapore on May 3rd 2010. And unless i clear up the debt, they are unable to increase my credit limit.

1st of all, i've never had any dealings with Bank Rakyat before. 2nd, it's not possible for me to own any credit card since i'm with AKPK program. 3rd, her Sarawak accent is too strong.

So i told her the 1st 2 points. And she continue to verify my information like my ic number and my full name. then i told her it's not possible (feeling panicky already la, i mean, harlow, damn 9 mah fan wei if i really kena credit card fraud - but at the same time, i was wondering how come Bank Rakyat so stupid didnt check CCRIS before approving for the credit card??). Then she told me the credit card information:

Registered address: 4A Lorong Salian 18B, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak (which i just googled, no such address)
Credit card number: 5892 6720 9108 60xx (Master Goldcard with RM10000.00 credit limit)

Then she asked me to call some fraud department in Bank Negara to report and ask them for advise. The number to call was 03-27826813.

Which i did. And the warning bell started to ring louder in my head coz the person who answered the phone has a very strong Sarawakian accent as well (what are the chances that i speak to 2 Sarawakian in KL within 10mins??). So this guy, Mr. Sam is pretty stupid. :D Really. Coz he sounded like he dont know what's AKPK when AKPK is a branch of Bank Negara and he asked for my full name and phone number instead of my i/c number. He claimed that he needs to check and call me back. Warning bells already ringging like mad in my head. Coz Bank Negara do not check their system using Full Name, they check using our I/C number and this fella didnt even ask me for my I/C!!!

Feeling somewhat suspicious, i googled for Bank Negara's number and called up. And yes, it is confirmed, the calls above is a scam. They are just unlucky to call me coz they were not able to scam me coz i am already with AKPK. According to the real Bank Negara personnel, they have received numerous calls for this Bank Rakyat scam.

What they were trying to do were, if we were really guillible and ignorant and fall into their trap, the victim will reveal their PIN and other banking information to them and they will then withdraw the money out of their account.

So please dont be panic like a stupid fool (like me) when you receive such calls ya? :D

And yea, Bank Rakyat is aware of such scam. Here's their memo


  1. thanks for sharing... will pass the msg around....

  2. u are most welcome. :) these type of scam have to let everyone know one... so that less ppl will fall for it :D

  3. I nearly fell for it today too. The first caller was one Kent Wong from Bank Rakyat, the rest of the details are the same as your. The first caller really conned me, the second nearly succeeded until he gave himself away by telling me that he would get someone to call me to guide me through on changing my ATM PIN. I waited for the third caller to contact, and it did come. I then started asking her for her full name, designation in Bank Negara then she suddenly hanged up.

  4. haha, guess what? i just received the exact same call few minutes ago. I felt very suspicious d, so i tried to google the bank negara phone number instead of calling the one given by them.

    besides that, i also tried to google the so called address given by them and guess what? i found your blog post!! hahahaha.. these ppl damn stupid lar, want to scam ppl, use a different address, different limit and different credit card lar...

    i think i should write a blog post on this too.. to warn ppl.. hehe...

  5. Yes! We should all spread the words to everyone ;-)

  6. good job, thanks for alerting

  7. You are most welcome. I am glad ppl find this post useful :)

  8. i got the same call this morning also ... same story as above..... when i ask to speak to his superior ...he say all of them very busy... then i ask for his superior number he dun give.....n i suspect something wrong... then he also accidently say other "victim" name...perhaps call too many ppl and got confused who he speaking with.... :)

  9. lol! sometimes these con artist are not every smart ;)