Thursday, July 29, 2010

I was listening to Can't Hurry Love - Phil Collins last night and i thought of Ifer. It was circa 2004 when we made a trip to Cherating. it was an impromptu trip. we didnt book any hotel rooms nor did we have much cash. we just decided to pack up and go. and the whole trip, she was singing:

"....say love dont come easy..."

over and over and over again. we couldnt recall what song was it and it was pretty annoying coz we were trying to recall the title of the song and the whole song.... it sounds so familiar and yet we cannot recall what song was it.

she just told me that it's frequently played in Mix.FM

so, for that whole weekend, we kept on trying to think but we just cannot. then i got fed up and called up Mix.FM asking her (the DJ) by humming it out to her. and she also find it familiar... but dunno what song was it.... then about 30mins later, the song was played! i guess the DJ remembered what song was it! :D

but it was really funny how we tried our best trying to recall the song title :D

p/s: yes, that was the weekend that i really got into drugs

p/p/s: yes, that was the weekend Murphy got into an accident :P

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