Monday, August 2, 2010

Updates with pic!

went for an impromptu crab dinner with Lisa on Friday nite at Wong Poh. Omg the buttermilk crab is so damn nice i was tempted to pick up the whole claypot and lick it clean :D

then the next day, went to Seremban/PD with Ah See to meet LM :D

left office at 1pm sharp sharp and arrive Ah See's place at around 1.30pm. Arrived Seremban 2 at around 2.30pm and then off we go jalan jalan cari makan :D

1st stop, we went to Rasah area (opposite Hospital Mawar) for indian rojak and mamak mee goreng. the indian rojak is really good. same standard (if not better) than the one in SS15. As for the mee goreng, ok ok nia la...

Mee Goreng Mamak

Indian rojak... omg... i m salivating again =.="

After indian rojak, we proceeded to Port Dickson for more food. I seriously love the french toast at Pak Lang Kopitiam :D It's so soft and fluffy :D

Believe it or not, this is the only reason why we drove to PD :D

We drop by at the RM2 shop to get some stuffs. Then we decided to buy 4d from Magnum.

After that, LM drove us the the RM3 car wash. (i damn suaku, never experience the semi manual semi auto car wash before :D)

Then, we drove back to Seremban to do some banking and shopping. i seriously bought too many things =.="

after shopping and digested, we went to the famous Seremban BBQ crab. and guess what? i bumped into Redbabe there! :D we damn got 'yuen' la :D i was seated at my seat and eating the tidbits and then looked up and saw Redbabe's side profile and then i asked LM, isn't that Redbabe? (yes, LM also got stalk you one, Redbabe ;)) and she went: Yup! that's her! and i was like damn excited but also shy to go interrupt her dinner with her friends so i called her mobile but see see she was busy laughing until didnt hear her phone ring :P. anyway, when she was leaving the restaurant, she saw me and you should see her face la. damn cute. so surprised :D seriously, we damn got 'yuen' :P go seremban also will bump into each other :D

after the crab dinner (which we all didnt really like it), we went back to LM's place to chill for awhile. then before going back to KL, we went to the malay stall in Taman AST for the roti telur. i love the roti telur there a lot. so everytime i go down to Seremban, i will insist to go there :D
Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng that Ah See and LM shared.

My cannot missed roti telur :D Seriously! you must eat it to know why i so rakus over this roti telur :D

arrived KL around 2am :D

The next day, Minger and i went over to Kepong to have steamboat dinner. it's been months since we last went there and the food is still as good as ever. :D after stuffing ourselves full, we went over to Tesco to get my monthly groceries. After that, we headed over to SS2 to get some DVDs (seriously, this month i just cant control my spending!!!).

overall, the past weekend has been an overeating weekend =.="

and then i suffered for 2 days =.=" was on mc for 2 days. rotting at home whilst knowing full well that when you come back to work you will have tons of job piling and tons of shit to clean up is not a very nice feeling.... *le sigh*

anyway, i m damn tulan with my sickness lor... i've got the usual sore-throat, nose bleed, fever, runny nose and now cough... all these are the symptom of ppl eating too much durian during the durian season.... but guess what??? i havent even fucking touch durian yet!!! i always fall sick during durian season before i have the chance to eat them... u say tulan or not??

this coming saturday will be the company's annual bbq party. i was looking forward to it coz it will be fun. but at this condition, i doubt i will be able to gorge any food :(


  1. you making me hungry liao.. hmmm... will need to persuade my mom to eat the roti telur tis weekend....

  2. lol... u making me jeles issit? :P

  3. aih, i also sick lar.. runny nose, followed by sore throat, then now cough.. and NO, I did not touch durian too!!

    argg...frus la...

  4. I feel you, Jys, i truly do! frust max! :D