Thursday, August 5, 2010

More MOAR Pix!

Ok, i just went thru my camera and saw a few pix i took during the MOAR weekend. :D

the front view of the Oasis. i think this was taken on the 1st day i was there

Some historical thingie. dont know who is he... must be someone important la :P

roti and bun bakar! :D yup, the secret to the roti bakar is to bakar the whole slice till brown then slice into half to put the kaya and butter.... :D *stomach growling*

Look at the generous amount of butter!!! :D

oh yea, got nasi lemak and kuih muih also but i didnt touch them. :P

nah.. another pic of the roti bakar with bun bakar :P i am not a big fan of the bun tho.. :P

saw this at the lobby of the hotel :D

I miss kluang food =.=" and i am super hungry now =.="

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