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I know, i seems to be obsessed with KSK. Truth to be told, i've been so busy with my new job, i actually bring work home and usually work way past midnight. So i've no time to blog anymore. And come weekend, i will be going to KSK, coming home feeling inspired and happy and fulfilled all over again making me want to blog about it :D

So ya, this is gonna be another KSK post :P

Slept kinda late on Friday night cos (surprise, surprise) i've got work to finish up. in fact, i left office at around 8ish. did i tell you my office is...erm... "occupied"? :P when i left office that night, not only were i the only one in the office, i was the only one on that whole floor. pretty freaky feeling. :D

Reached Ara Damansara around 9ish and tapau-ed dinner. Reached home, turn on the laptop and got suck into work until about an hour later only realised i have not eaten =.=" damn no life hor? i also think so. That's why i treasure my weekends more nowadays :D Slept around 3ish-4ish

Woken up by a customer at around 10ish asking me stupid question like why was i not in office. =.=" she needed help urgently so i gotta assist her.

Continue with my work until 1ish, met up Minger to go 1U to get "Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Directory 2011/2012" from MPH coz i needed that for work =.=" really no life, kan?? we planned to go for max 2hrs only coz i needed to go over to puchong to fetch kaima to KSK. But as usual, our plan got side tracked :P

We had lunch at B.B.Q Plaza - bad move - and ended up spending about 2hrs eating =.="" then Minger decided since we were at 1u, she wanted to run a few errands as well. We left 1u around 5.30. =.=" dropped minger back home then rushed over to puchong to change and fetch kaima. before leaving, Mika gave me a kiss on my cheek. my heart melted! super love her! so adorable!! :D

When we were about to leave puchong, Kwok Wai sms-ed me:

KW: hi there which route u go normally?
Me: erm.. so far no fix route wor.. can i go chow kit? :D
KW: how many time u been chow kit?
Me: never been to chow kit. only been to pudu market, tun perak, dang wangi and bangkok bank
KW: out of those 4 which two u like and familiar to lead?
Me: i've only been to all the routes one time except tun perak, 2 times. so i guess i am more "familiar" with tun perak :)
KW: ok, will let u know later, still planning
Me: Wokie

i was like :O!! me? lead? :O but i've never been to chow kit yet!!

arrived KSK around 7.15 and since we were not hungry, we decided to skip dinner (another bad move - coz we got hungry by the time we were about to leave for the round =.="). Straight away proceed to find things to help. folded the brown papers that we used to pack the rice (macam nasi lemak) until Uncle Ng and Uncle Khor came back with the cooked vegetarian dishes. By then, there were some newbies volunteers there. So i gather them into the kitchen to help pack the food until their briefing starts. As the kitchen got crowded with more volunteers helping, i decided to leave it to them to continue. why? coz some ppl were getting bitchy and i was biting my tongue for too long. also, was super thirsty, so went out to get water.

tonite there were a huge group of newbies. it was really O.O!! 18 of the newbies were Help College students. the briefing took longer than usual. by the time we left the soup kitchen to go for our round, it was already 11.30!

 Some of the Help College students
 Some of the volunteers. :)

i've got my wish, did Chow Kit tonight and i must say, this is the best experience yet! :D but alas! i didnt managed to go up to the notorious overhead bridge coz i was busy at the bottom repacking the van. :(

1st stop, Honda Showroom at Jalan TAR. We just went there to kaypoh at the other team :) This team has only 1 stop, after this round, they came over to our route and helped :)

"Highlights" of the night:

1. i knocked on my head EVERY SINGLE time i alighted the van. it's like i've never learned my lesson. it came to the point when we are alighting the van, ALL of my teammates went "Your head! your head!" =.=" and i still knock!!! :P

2. Kwok Wai drove the KSK van and almost towards the end, he exclaimed "Oh wow! I just realized i've been driving with the tank almost empty!" so it was pretty kancheong-fying coz we were expecting to push the van anytime :P

3. One of the stops were at the chinese temple next to my favourite dirty BKT stall. So i told my teammates it's really nice but dirty. :D so when we passed by the BKT stall, Kwok Wai wind down the window and tell the BKT aunty "Eh! We heard your BKT is superb! Finish already ah?" the aunty was stunt and we continue to drive pass =.=""

4. Saw the man with with sunken skull. at the chinese temple. you can read about his story here

5. i sprained my leg. i dunno how. suddenly at one of the stops, i suddenly felt sharp pain my on leg =.=""

6. at one of the stops, along Jln Raja Laut, this client asked me to help him cross the road coz he is partially blind. i did something i am pretty ashamed of. i had doubts about it and somehow felt that i wont be safe. so i got one of the guy volunteers to help. i eventually found out he was really partially blind and according to my teammate who help, the client kept on apologizing for troubling us. i feel like a bitch :( i know i should not judge and should go there with an open mind. but somehow, i felt compelled to not follow him coz i somehow feel suspicious and dont feel safe :(

7. Kwok Wai told us the HIV Victim has passed away :( i felt sad hearing that. coz he said she prolly died on the street :( then he told us her spirit is prolly still lingering around coz it's less than 49 days and that she prolly did not realize she is dead until she tried to communicate with us and realized that we cannot see her. somehow it sounded really sad :(

8. kaima enjoyed herself so much she want to come back again :)

Ok, it's already 8am and i am still not asleep yet. been up for almost 22hrs with a lot of walking - exhausted!! 

Shall end the post with more pix :)

 This is how we distribute food. One person in charge of one item to give and the clients will queue up to collect the items from each of us :)
Clients picking and choosing clothes which was donated by the volunteers :) can see they were super happy and excited :)

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