Sunday, February 26, 2012


.... a ranting post.

i've been avoiding to blog about this for awhile now. but seriously, i think i've reached my limits and beyond.

my immediate superior is what every single published magazine described as boss from hell. really. few weeks ago, Minger and i went over to Lisa's place for dinner and Yu Pei was there reading Cleo and there was this article on tackling bad bosses. And funnily (i forgot the exact questions), whatever question she asked about Minger and my bosses, we all answered a resounding "Yes". Pretty dasyat! Our bosses falls into ALL of the bad bosses categories! Not one, not two, but ALL five!

Minger and i laughed over it and i asked her "Eh, i didnt know we share the same boss!" :P

I think i can write a whole long thesis on that bitch boss. Whilst blogging this entry, i googled some articles about bad bosses. and she is in every single fucking article! =.=" i think she can be awarded the baddest of the baddest bosses in the whole fucking universe!!!

Signs of a Bad Boss

She gives you assignments and doesn’t follow up. - When i do remind her of it, she snapped at me =.="

He doesn’t support you when something goes wrong. - this didnt happened to me, but my other colleague. She is forever backstabbing him to other ppl, bitching about his wife and yet she sayang him the most by buy him lunch every single fucking day =.="

She thinks everything is fine when it isn’t. - we are losing a big client soon. her immediate boss and i are frantically finding ways to retain this customer and what does she say? It's ok, the customer wont leave us. I was at the meeting with the customer and her and the customer made it very clear he wants us to work out with our legal and finance to come out with the penalties for revoking the contract! =.="

He constantly claims that he is empowering you, but isn’t. where do i even fucking start??? she will forever breathe down my neck asking me about the task and get all pissed off coz i dont do it her way and she will not accept it that i am just trying to minimize double work! gosh!

She micro-manages and needs to know everything. yes!!! and then can come and complain and bitched to us saying that we made her do every single fucking things and get all hysterical and pissed off with us.

He acts paranoid. omg! so true!!!! i've been self censoring myself in FB coz she stalks FB every single fucking day and night and if we ever post something negative on it, she assumes it's about her and she get all pissed off and starts to make our lives miserable! she really thinks the whole fucking world revolves around her!!!!

She jumps to conclusions.- yup, she dont listen to explanations. no wait. she dont even bother to ask and she will just straightaway jump to the conclusion that you are guilty of some crimes you didnt even do. and she will accuse you of thinking of something that didnt even cross your mind! and when you give her the innocent wide eyes look coz you seriously do not know what the fuck is she talking about, she will say "Ya, ya, stop pretending!" w.t.f.!!

If it isn’t her idea, then it can’t be good. - so true!!!!!

He implements two-faced attacks.- yup!! she tells me her boss is pissed with me and then she tells her boss i am unhappy with his management. i was confronted by him and we cleared our airs. really fuck la!

She tells sarcastic jokes or teases.- she calls me dumb dumb every single fucking hour. 'nuff said!

Source: (the words in red is my own descriptions)

Here's the list of stuffs she also do:

1. Short fused and impatient - she has no patience teaching at all. whenever she teaches me, she yell and shout at me, uses irritated tone and made it clear to me that i am the world's stupidest person. how did she made it clear to me? She will always call me "Stupido" "Dumb dumb" or say things like "You are so stupid!" ya. she does that. what did i do to trigger her to say that to me? By asking question to reconfirm what she say is what i understand. once. only once. not twice, ok? and i write down notes and she is not happy that i write down notes coz apparently only stupid ppl does that. also, when i do ask her questions on stuffs that she did not teach me, she get all pissed off and shout at me "I told you before what!!" follow by throwing her pen on the table.

2. Hates Myvi drivers. yup. in her cuckoo twisted brains, ALL Myvi drivers are horrible drivers. Even if the Myvi drivers did not do anything wrong, she will honk impatiently. ya, she is a road bully. Newsflash: i am planning to buy a Myvi??? Tonite, she went another step closer to making me wanna slap her. she ask me to faster buy Myvi so that she can scold me even more!!!

3. Playing the victim card. When she is in her "nicer" mode, she will "confide" in me and tell me how hurt and sad she is coz she is forever being stabbed and betrayed by others. and how all her friends say she is stupid to always be too "nice" to other ppl and let them take the opportunity to stab and betray her and that she never learns her lesson.
Case study: Ada was my predecessor. Who is also my ex-colleague's wife. Who worked for the crazy bitch for 1 yr 4 mths before she decided enough is enough. So she quit, giving excuses that she wants to go back to Philippines due to family issues. During her work here, the crazy boss gave Ada her used bed and clothes coz the crazy boss was moving. So anyways, the boss felt like Ada betrayed and backstabbed her coz Ada quit. (yes! apparently no one is allow to quit!) and started to bitch about Ada to everyone and say how she pitied Ada that's why she "donate" all those stuffs to her. Recently i called Ada. The 1st thing i said to her when she answered the phone was "How long did you work there and how the fuck can you survive so long???" and we both started laughing. Then we chat for almost an hour on the phone since we've got so much in common! then she told me about the bed and the clothes. she told the crazy woman she dont want it. and the crazy woman insisted she take and if she really dont want it, throw it away. So wow, you FORCE ppl to take your junks when ppl dont want it and then u turn around and say you pitied them that's why you DONATE your stuffs to them??? how low can you get?

4.Her mouth is a sewage. honestly, if you think i curse alot, listen to her talk. not only does she curse alot, she CURSE alot! for example, just now we were on Federal Highway and there was this car driving pretty fast. it did not bother me. coz i was in the middle lane. when the car zoom by, she say "I hope that car get into car crash and die!" w.t.f?? She just only finished the round at the soup kitchen and then can have such evil thoughts?? what's the whole fucking point of doing good or doing charity then??? so i said "Eh. can you dont be so evil ah? that car also didnt disturb us???" then she gave the stupidest and feeblest excuse "No ma, drive so fast, so dangerous!" harlow, newsflash, when i sit in her fucking car, she drives damn fast also lor!!

5. Credit taker. when you suggest something to her, she will shoot you down no matter how good the idea is. coz it's not her idea. HOWEVER, the next day, she will suggest your suggestions and take it as her own suggestion! but tonite's incident is the cherry on top of the cake la. Last nite we went to Mydin to get stuffs to donate to KSK. I donated London Rolls, using my own money. She bought other stuffs like soaps, mamee, minyak cap kapak, and mosquito coils. then she asked me to Kwok Wai's number coz she wanna personally sms him. and she told me she will help me sms as well since she is already sms-ing him. i dont see anything wrong with it. Surprise surprise! Tonite when Kwok Wai announce donations, she got all the name and glory. I was pretty upset that she will stoop so low! i know i should let it go, since the homeless will benefit from it. but i just cannot stand the fact that she just take the compliment and never even bother to set the record straight!!!! then she acted all faint and acted like she is not feeling well as a way of changing subject!!!! ya, i am ultra pissed with this incident la

6. She thinks she is the most perfect and greatest thing on earth. She is always telling me how to live my life and all. i honestly, i am damn sick and tired of it! she tells me how to drive, which route to use (usually the longest and jammest and stupidest route- imagine: from d'sara heights to sunway. she got me to use sprint, exit kerinchi towards mid valley, drive the whole circle of mid valley, turn back to bangsar baru, u-turn back to jln bangsar, u turn back to NPE then head to sunway. when i wanted to use sprint to nkve, exit subang, hit to sunway - and she calls me dumb dumb *claps hands*), tells me what to eat (eventhough i am allergic), tell me who should i be friends with and who i should not be friends with, tell me what to do with my money..... EVERYTHING!!!!!!! gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. She is the most negative person on earth! She HATES everyone and everything! Everytime i optimistically tell her something, she will pessimistically throw a wet blanket on it! and she cannot stand ppl being happy! 

The list will go on and on and on and i am getting increasingly pissed now. so i am gonna stop.

it became so bad that i found myself letting go a deep breath without me realizing when i was walking towards my car the other day after work. and i also found myself suddenly shouted "aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" like a sohai whilst driving.

oh but dont worry, i am hanging on to this job. i love the company and the jobscope. honestly. :)

the only regret now is i cant get rid of her from KSK. seeing her mon-fri is already bad. seeing her on saturday nite with her going all out aggravating me is really too much la. so much so, i wish to stop ksk. but i enjoy my stints at ksk!! gosh!

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