Sunday, February 26, 2012

i went sleepless for almost 22hrs yesterday/today

welp, i woke up on a Saturday around 1ish 2ish, did some work, watched some Pokemon then at around 4pm, met Redbabe for froyo. it was really great catching up with her coz the last time we met was more than a year ago! time flies!! :D it was a short catch up coz i needed to fetch fel to go ksk.

fetched fel around 6ish, brought her to pharmacy to get her knee guard.

arrived ksk around 7.30. since the door was not open yet, we went to the nearby wai sik kai to have dinner. as usual, she over ordered.

after dinner, went to the car to unload the stuffs we bought for the homeless.

did the usual tasks of packing the food, segregating the food to each route, socialize with the rest of the volunteers.

left ksk for our round (got Cahaya Suria this time - only left Sentul, Bricksfield and Petaling St havent do yet) around 11.30pm. we are extra late today coz the briefing was delayed due to the newbies coming in late.

we had left over breads and we headed over to the last point of Petaling St again (at the riverbank of Jln Syed Putra)

As usual, it was an eye opener. this time the crowd is different. a lot of young teenagers sniffing glue. met this really interesting lady who have a live snake wrapped around her neck. i was kind freaked out coz i am afraid of snakes. even when i see a picture of snake i get chills running down my spine =.=" the team leader, Carmen, showed us the "old wing" under the flyover. Those homeless are really innovative. somehow they were able to build a nice living quarters under the flyover above the ground. can see mattresses and even sofa in it!! :D

after Petaling St, we headed over to Kuchai Lama for dimsum.

i think i reached home around 3ish. decided not to sleep as i was meeting Minger at 6.45am for our morning brisk walking :D

did 30mins of brisk walking and sweat buckets. then we walked to the nearby restaurant so that i can get my teh o ais limau. on the way back, we passed by the bus stop and i asked her when are we gonna finally take the bus to see the route. and she say now. and since i wasnt sleepy yet and since we only need to wait 3mins, we decided to go. arrived (we've been staying here for 6yrs and have never taken a bus from here before :D) kelana jaya lrt station in less than 20mins. hang out there for a moment before boarding the bus again back home :D

Came home feeling ultra tired. but couldnt sleep coz i needed to bathe first and yet couldnt bathe coz i was still sweating :P

ended up typing this blog post. then went to bathe and then continue with this post until i ter fell asleep =.=

woke up around 5ish planning to go pasar malam to get the teluk intan ccf. mana tau after i brush my teeth, hujan lebat =.= it's just not meant to be la =.=

i guess today is a not meant to be day. wanted to change my tng card to plusmile, found out only can do so at the tng office and not the satellite counters at petrol kiosks. wanted to eat corn in cup but habis. wanted to eat kajang satay but full house. wanted to eat hokano but full house. wanted to drink chatime but no parking. and the list go on and on.

*le sigh*

but no worries. i m not that disappointed nor pissy until wanna slit my wrist. i just drove to another chatime outlet and then went to a petrol kiosk to get tidbits to nom at home :)

minger and i had a long chat whilst brisk walking and taking the bus ride this morning. i told her i am at the verge of giving up my passion and motivation - ksk. coz seeing the bitch 5 days a week is already quite bad. now seeing her 6 days a week. somemore she continue to torment me in ksk. i cant get rid of her! told her we should go different route from each other but she dont want. she just wanna be glued to me coz she hates everyone there. but i see her gossipping with those ppl that she hates there! gosh. i hate her! anyway, minger and i both agree it's stupid to give up my passion and motivation for one person. but on the other hand, i am going crazy with her craziness! aaarrrggghhh



  1. How about telling her that you are not going anymore to see whether she goes on her own or not. If she stops, then you can resume going there without letting her know that you have resumed going there.

    1. she got a lot of the volunteers (whom she dislike) punya contacts liao. i dont wanna risk her calling them to find out the truth :P