Sunday, March 11, 2012

Flat Eirene visits KL!

My 9yrs old niece, Eirene, in USA has a Geography project based on the Flat Stanley project. So last Monday, I received a package from Eirene's school with a cut out paper of Flat Eirene. The package includes the instructions, the Travel Journal (where each recipients of Flat Eirene is suppose to write something about the place we live in), a piece of world map and US map & a Flat (which is drawn and colored by the student).

What the recipients need to do is to bring Flat Eirene around the places of interests and snap a pix of Flat Eirene. Send the pictures and a postcard back to Eirene's elementary school and then send the original package to the next recipient. In this case, will be my cousin in Singapore :D After my Singapore cousin is done, she will send the pictures and postcard to Eirene's school and the original package to my brother's friend in Australia :)

My bro whatsapp us sometime end of last month to enlist us to help and i was looking forward to receiving the package coz i know it will be super fun! :D

Last night whilst dinnering with kaima they all, we saw a satay stall and i've decided that i should include some street food in Flat Eirene's adventure ;)

I enlisted Minger to help me coz it's hard to take picture alone with Flat Eirene (the size of half the A4 paper).

So this morning, i fetched Minger at 9.45am and the 1st stop we went to was Batu Caves :D

After Batu Caves, we decided to take a pix of the mosque at Jalan Duta (coz i dont know how to go Masjid Negara :p)

Whilst there, we saw the High Court punya building looks nice - like onion so we decided to take pix as well :D See below

After Jln Duta, we both suddenly thought of Tugu Negara. Neither of us been there before and we werent sure how to go. I somehow agak agak should be near Jln Parlimen and Minger somehow agak agak should be near Jln Kuching. Since i was driving, i just drove to Jln Parlimen and voila! it's there! :D

 The War Memorial Park
 Tugu Negara! :D
We were suppose to go KL Tower as well but since we are able to snap a pic of Flat Eirene with KL Tower from the War Memorial Park, we decided to just use the pic :D

After Tugu Negara, we head on down to Petaling St. Coz we remember there is a Chinese temple there and also reckon developing pix there is cheaper than KLCC :D

The 1st stop we went was the CCF. We were damn hungry lor! :D

yumz..... red sweet sauce ccf! just like what i used to have when i was younger! :D

After we took a pic of the bustling crowd of Petaling St with a lot of ppl looking at us weirdly :D

Somehow logic fails me after this pix (must be the heat) coz we went straight to the photo shop to develop the pictures. When i was about to pay only Minger reminded me we havent take pic of the Chinese temple yet =.="

So we went to the Chinese temple to snap the pic only to be interrupted by Will Quah and his crews. damn mm seng mok one lor. we were taking pic and they just stand there blocking the view. somemore a few of them can look at us one kind!ish ish ish

We finally able to snap a pic when the group (see inside the black shirt and white shirt guys) went inside to shoot their show =.="

After this pic, we went across the road to Popular bookstore to look for postcards. But dont have nice postcards. Went back to the photo shop to collect the photos. Went over to the other bookshop and saw nicer postcards. Got 6 (i know! Eirene's aunts damn kiasu! the instructions says 1 postcards and we got 6!! :D)  postcards before we stop to tapau Chatime :D

Arrived KLCC but it was raining! so we couldnt take a pic of the Petronas Twin Towers from outside! We took from inside the convention centre instead! :D On the way to Suria KLCC to develop the pics, we saw more postcards!! :D Ended up getting 2 more. YES!! SUPER KIASU!! :D

Minger got a map from the concierge and we decided to send it together with the pictures to Eirene's school :D

After gotten the pictures ready, we camped at the food court for almost 2 hours. Writing the Travel Journal, writing the postcards and writing descriptions behind each pictures. We needed to Wiki a lot of information and it feels like we are back in college days :D  btw, digress a bit, how come when were were in Standard 3, we dont have such fun project one?? :D

These are the pictures and postcards and map that we prepared to send to Eirene's school.

All done! :D The envelope below to cousin in Singapore, the padded envelope on top to Eirene's school and the postcards to be sent individually :D

We agreed it is not really possible to send only ONE postcard coz there are just too many things about Malaysia to intro to the class! :D We wrote funny stuffs on the postcards. Like the Hibiscus postcard, Minger wrote that all primary school students at one point in time will be taught how to draw it :P as for the fruit postcard, i wrote about durians and how some tourist faint from one whiff of the aromatic pungent smell :P

After everything is prepared, we went to the post office to post it all out! :D We were laughing and wondering if any of Eirene's classmates has any kiasu relatives or friends who will send so many pictures and postcards or not! We will know come May! :D

We then decided to head over to Subang's Pasar Malam to get dinner and then balik to rest.

Overall it has been a super fun and productive day! I've got slight sun burnt and my legs are aching beyond words! :D

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