Saturday, April 14, 2012

wow... it's been more than a month since i last blogged :D

Flat Eirene has been travelling quite a lot apparently :D Real Eirene and her friends in school learned a lot about KL :D glad that i am able to help  my niece ;)

why didnt i update anything? erm.... no time and i guess by the time i sampai rumah after work, i alre no mood liao...

on weekends, i am either splat on the bed resting or up and about going around Klang Valley browsing thru racks and racks and racks of wedding gowns, looking at all kind of ribbons, and all those wedding stuffs. no, i m not getting married, ok? minger is.

we fell in love with this beautiful gown on from the 1st seller we visited (yes, she is planning to buy the gown since she will be bringing it over to Holland) but the seller advised us to recce more places first and not buy on impulse (after they found out that was the 1st dress we saw). after visiting more than 10 sellers and tried tonnes of dresses over the span of 2 weeks, we finally found a place that custom made gowns at an affordable price :D

so gown settled. we also recce-ed flower stalls, ribbon shops & textile shop to get materials for the flower girls baskets, ring pillow and hand bouquet :P yes, it's pretty much DIY wedding coz minger has ideas of her own. furthermore, we have small cow (who is super good with crafts and enjoys craftings - u do enjoy, right? small cow?) to help :D

i cant reveal much of the stuffs we did over here... but i was informed that she has a wedding blog somewhere... dunno where coz i dont remember the url :P

anyway, ya... been super busy... walked and sweat so much until we cant feel our legs! We have been pretty blessed though :D Met a lot of really nice people along the way :D Also met some really weird people :P

--> Was offered by one of the gown seller to match make me with someone else *shudders*

--> Went to one of the shops that tailormade suits (for the groom!) in Campbell Plaza that makes Small Cow, Minger and I thinking at the same time "Oooohhhhhh kayyyyyyy...... how the fuck are we suppose to get the hell outta this shop????" with smiles plastered on our face. The tailor aunty is just freaky la. Started to talk about religion and stuffs (ok, it's my fault actually... coz she told us she also got apartment to rent at Genting Ria. so i asked where is Genting Ria and Small Cow say it's Ria Apartment and me being me, without much of a filter in my head, blurted to the aunty "Isnt that place haunted???" and thus she started with her religious stuffs) and said something about we are all fated to meet and told us, before we left the shop, that we will meet again. And that we should visit her again coz she cannot find us (????). She also damn kaypoh asked a lot of really personal questions and when we answered vaguely, she demanded to know WHY???? ya.... with that many question marks =.=""

--> when to one boutique that were manned by 2 elder women. the dresses were pretty hideous in our opinions hideous until minger didnt even bother wanna try it on. then one of the aunty started to frustrated and said "Nice what these dresses! why dont you want to try????" lol. we just couldnt wait to get outta that shop :P

ya.... these are the 3 most "memorable" characters that we've met. :P

We have also accidentally found a really cheap tailor for us to tailormade our Baju Kurung for Tasya's engagement this coming June :D

Our annual family vacation will be in Langkawi this year :D Cant wait since i've never been to Langkawi before :P

Russell Peters is coming yo!! :D And we are sooooooo going! :D

and with that, i shall abruptly end this post.

i think i wont be blogging much anymore coz i've got really a lot of stuffs to rant actually, but i just dont think i should rant it out openly. and no, it's not about the wedding preparations, ok? it's tiring but fun :D

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