Sunday, February 5, 2012

KSK - Jln Tun Perak (again)

It has been an eventful night :D Firstly, i went to KSK alone today! no one teman me! *gives myself a pat on the back* but it was ok! coz i've already made a few acquaintances there!

Welp, as usual, reached KSK around 7ish to help pack food and segregate food according to the route.

Some of the food for some of the routes :D

more food for more routes :D

newbies briefing

There were more newbies today, so whilst they were going thru the newbies briefing, we just hang out and chatted.Got to know a few of the volunteers better. Everyone is asking me where is Ah Woey. Why isnt he coming anymore. -.-" So i just told them he has other commitments that clashes with the nite run. :P

Saw Timothy Tiah and Audrey Ooi tonite. Nope, didnt approach them coz i was too shy :P But it was their blogposts that inspired me to volunteer at KSK. And i am loving every single bit of it! :D

Secondly, i drove today. And as usual, drama follows me where ever i go! My car battery died-ed on me! right outside Ancasa Hotel! =.=""" I changed my car battery only last year's CNY leh! FB-ed about it and my cousin (whom i bought the battery from in Kluang) asked me to bring it back to Kluang to change - FOC - but tak kan wanna purposely drive back to change battery? :P Anyways, thank goodness, Mr Choo, one of my team mate for tonite, has a jumpstart cable in his kembara. So Linda and Karen (our teamleader) gotta divert the busy traffic so that Mr Choo can move his car nearer to mine to jumpstart! *paiseh gila*

And due to the car battery flat, i gotta leave the engine running for all the stops - which makes me unable to distribute food to the homeless coz i gotta jaga kereta. :(

Damn sad wei!

On our final stop opposite Swiss Garden, a girl came up to us and said "Hi! I am Melissa!" and all of us went "Hi!!" and asked if she wants food (but i was doubtful coz she dont look homeless at all) and she was taken aback and told us she is here to help. Which makes us have "???" on our head. Manatau it's mistaken identity. Apparently ReachOut is giving out food tonight as well and she thought we were from ReachOut (i guess she didnt realised we are ALL wearing RED KSK t-shirts -.-")

We have a lot of t-shirts leftover, a lot of apples, a lot of breads and 2 packets of rice. When we arrived back at KSK around 12ish, Joseph was there. So he called up Khairul (who is the team leader of Petaling St), to get a location check so that he can pass the excess to them :D

I am still waiting to be put on Chow Kit round. I guess i should request for it eh? :D I cant wait to go again next week! :D

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