Thursday, February 2, 2012

KSK - Lunch round

Fel and I decided to help out for lunch today since it's a public holiday. Lunch round is relatively tame. Just helped to pack food and then give it out to the walk in clients. We left KSK around 1pm to head down to Kampung Bellamy -  a super poor kampung somewhere off Jln Loke Yew / behind MAA building.

Lunch round is too tame for me la :D

This Saturday nite will be the 1st time i am going alone without any friends :D i've "graduated" ;) no need to find ppl to teman me liao :)

one of the reasons why i keep going back to KSK is, the volunteers are really nice ppl - despite ppl bitching to me about the volunteers - maybe i am seeing things thru rose tinted glasses la... but how bad can they be to be wanting to donate their spare time to help the homeless? :D

The 1st time i went there with Ah Woey, he was bitching about a few of the volunteers which kinda irked me la... i find that a tad judgmental and if you dont want ppl to judge u, pls dont judge others.

Then last Saturday's stint, Fel immediately pin point who she hates and bitched non stop about those ppl. including ppl who are friendly. =.=" she claimed that her instinct is 100% correct. at one glance she will know who she likes and who she dont like. not my cup of tea to be honest. she is unhappy that ppl do not go all out to make her feel welcome, ppl do not approach her to have small talks with her coz she is new. errrr.... i dont see anything wrong with it lor. i dont see her approaching random strangers to strike a conversation also?

so ya, i guess it's best i go alone from now onwards :P it is quite tiring to control what i say and not let ppl know i am annoyed and totally disagree with them. i malas to argue. so i just keep quiet all the time.

Honestly, i feel that when we volunteer at such places, where volunteers from all walks of lives gather together with the same intention - to help the less fortunates - we should just go with an open mind and dont judge others. how do you know what is the story of the particular volunteer? how can you not like someone when that person hasnt even talk to you?

i admit la, the 1st time i went, i was kinda irritated with one particular newbie who is loud and too confident. proudly announcing to whoever who bother to listen on her stints at India and Africa. And when we were packing the food, she insisted to do her way. But towards the end, i somehow lost my animosity towards her. maybe coz she turn out to be quite friendly and not so stuck up as i thought she was.

So ya, pls go with an open mind. nobody is perfect. :)

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