Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hi! I am Big Cow....

.... and i am a coffee addict! *shame faced*

not just any coffee, only kluang kopi =.="

I know it's normal to be addicted to coffee. but it's not normal for me coz i was never a coffee addict and i was always reprimanding my mom to stop drinking kopi o kao kao..... see la... now retribution already! i pulak jadi an addict!!! =.="

i blame it on my new job. due to the location of my current company is at a jam packed area, i need to wake up much much much earlier. it's ridiculous! a normal jam free drive from home to this area is only 15mins, but it takes me about 1hour everyday!

So, ya, i needed to wake up much earlier and without coffee, i will be stoning in front of this notebook, unable to focus.

i've already got a daily routine work out. come into office, turn on the notebook, go into the pantry to get harassed by the old lady*, make a cuppa coffee and a big cup of green tea, have breakfast and then come back to my room (yes, i have my own room :D).

anyways, i m panicking now.... coz i m left with my final 9 packets of kluang coffee!!! *gasp* how am i gonna survive???? how?????????

ok ok, turn of the drama mode :D am planning to go back Kluang next weekend :D looking forward to gorging myself with all the yummilicious kluang food!!! :D weee!!!

ok. back to work. loads to do for the event tomorrow! :D

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