Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cherating Babes

This name was given by Toothless when she created a BBM group prior to the trip so that we can chat and exchange information. Most of us are BB users :D

It must have been one of the wisest move ever!! Coz all 5 of us got closer than ever and it's amazing how in tune our sense of humor are!! Everytime we meet up, we never fail to laugh until tergolek anjing!! :D

Today is the 2 weekasaries. :D 2 weeks ago today, we went to Cherating :D

Last week when we met up for our weekasaries, we went to TTDI for LokLok and mamak and laughed like crazy.

This week, we started the celebration earlier and went to BBQ Plaza at 1U last nite and laughed until we are almost banned there :D and we didn't laugh enough, so we proceed on to another mamak to continue to laugh :D

Tonite, one of the babies' dad is having a huge bday thingie and we are all invited. Honestly, I think Baby N is crazy to invite us. Later we laugh until tergolek anjing again how? Sure bikin malu and her parents will ban us! ;-)

Anywayz, I m looking forward to meet everyone again :D

See you later, Toothless, Baby N, Baby M and lahling karcheng!! ;-)

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