Sunday, July 3, 2011

i think what i m gonna write will prolly get shoot by a lot of ppl, should ppl stumble upon this blog :P

i m kinda sick and tired of the Bersih fiasco. Yes, i agree with clean election. In fact, i am a pro opposition :D but a clean election is a far fetched dream. BN will never step down. they will find ways to rig the elections anyway. there are a lot of money at stake, you know?

57 yrs of corruptions. imagine the billions they have amassed! do you think they will let it go? nope. dont think so.

we have made our voices clear in the previous "Tsunami Election". The Rakyats are not happy. BN has lost a few states. But BN is still ruling. instead of making things better and listen to the Rakyat's grouse, they make things worst. Honestly, our inflation rate is really high (i dunno the percentage). i am talking in layman term here.

the money that my peers and i earn can hardly let us survive the whole month. i am lucky coz i got rid myself of debts and change my lifestyle by cooking almost everyday to cut cost. but there are countless of rakyats out there who are cash poor, they ended up getting themselves into more debts via credit card usage. and they are not even splurging on branded items or gadget wei. i know for a fact, some of my peers resorted in swiping for groceries coz the money they earn are to be paid off to the credit cards. it's a scary vicious cycle. sure, the govt will say, change your lifestyle. be prudent with your expenditure. or some even say the debts incurred are the user's fault for not knowing how to budget. they are wrong lor... my peers and i budget every month to the extend that we actually give ourselves a very limited daily allowance. if the allowance is used up during lunch, then hailat lor... have to go home and look for food.

back to the Bersih thingie. Rally is not a solution. Honestly, what's the whole point of rallying and aggravating BN? not only that, it causes a lot of inconveniences to a lot of other bystanders. you know, like massive traffic jam or fear of kena tangkap just coz it's laundry day and you have only yellow clothing left and you either wear that yellow baju or go out naked, but at the same time, if you wear yellow, the pigs might mistaken you as fellow Bersih ppl and tangkap you buta buta. or fear of the crowds get uncontrollable and some misfits decided to take the opportunity to create more chaos.

small cow and i are thankful we wont be around on that weekend. but i honestly dont have good feeling about this time's rally. BN is getting desperate and when ppl get desperate, they tend to make crazy stunts like arresting ppl under EO (Emergency Ordinance) - which is really silly. you think this is darurat meh??

Another silly point of using the EO is, BN knows the world is watching us. and they know that the rakyat is making noise about abolishing ISA. so fine, rakyats dont want ISA, let's just revive the use of EO (the last well known usage was during the May 13 incident in 1969). wei, BN, why la you keep on proving to the whole Nation that you are indeed really stupid?

Bersih ppl claimed that the rally they are holding is a peaceful one. i think the Bersih ppl are stupid/naive/ignorant. when you gather thousands of ppl to march to the istana, you can NEVER ensure things will be peaceful. as said, there are really crazy malaysians with crazy mentality out there waiting for chances like this to create misfits and chaos. how do the Bersih leaders intend to ensure these crowd of ppl will behave? i dont think it's possible. honestly. what do i think? be a keyboard warrior like me :D i know where i stand. i know i will do my part in the election by casting my vote to who i think is deserving (opposition, just coz i honestly think it's time to change the govt). i know not everyone is reachable via online. but i believe if you 'market' it well enough, those ppl online will be able to spread the news to other ppl around them that are not online or are clueless about all these (i know a few friends who are clueless and i am proud to say that i've managed to convinced a few friends to register as a voter :)).

oh, how can i forget the Perkasa and Umno Youth rally that is gonna be held on the same day? what's that all about? from my brief understanding, Perkasa's rally is to oppose Bersih's rally (see the possibility of riot??), which i think is really stupid la... Perkasa is against clean election, against equal rights for the non malays. What i really dont get is how can Ibrahim Ali be so stupid and deluded and how come his supporters are equally stupid and deluded? Eh, uncle Ibrahim, altho Peninsula Malaysia's old name is Tanah Melayu (Malay's Land), this land is NOT malay's land lor.... you guys are equally immigrants from Indonesia lor! you fail your history issit??? must be sleeping too much when your teacher were teaching la! this land we are all 'squatting' on belongs to the Orang Asli (Original People - aborigines). So, uncle Ibrahim, why are you not offering this whole country back to the Orang Asli? you robbed them of their land also wat.... sheesh....

As for the Umno Youth Rally, i really dunno wat's this all about and i m really too lazy to read more about it.

my point is:

rally is stupid. it's a waste of time and causes inconvenience to others. by having 3 different groups rallying at the same place, i am very sure chao will happen. some more so many banks are at that area. i wont be surprise if ppl take the opportunity to break into the banks to rob ala Italian Job :D (too much hollywood story, i know :D) Eh, if i have the skills and equipment, i would do it lor :D

disclaimer: this is solely my view and if you do not agree with it, then dont. not forcing you to agree with it :D but pls dont come and leave comment trying to convince me to believe your views la, i aint interested :D

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