Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Awesome Curry Sauce for Curry Mee :D

I know, I know, self praise is no praise at all, but seriously, i think this is my most successful dish ever.... besides the ikan bilis potato thingie and my popo's chili fish and my boiled soup and... oh... actually i have quite a few good dishes! :D

Anyways, what happened was, i was, as usual, stuck in the bloody jam on Sprint Hwy on the way back from work and my mind started to wander.... what's for dinner? then i suddenly missed the curry mee in Kluang. Kluang's curry mee is very different from KL ones. i dunno how to explain it, but really different.... then i started to recall the taste and then, i dont know, suddenly i *think* I know how to cook the gravy! :D

i have been contemplating how to write out the recipe as most of the chili pastes are ready made by me and stored in the fridge coz i just love my chilies! :D so i've decided to give you the REALLY from scratch recipe :D (if you have all the ready made pastes - note the plural, yes, pastes, different kinds of chilies - the process will be MUCH faster, infact, this dish took me less than 30mins to kau tim! that's very fast in my standard coz i m a slow cooker ;))

Handful of Red cili padi
Handful of Red cili
Cili giling
Curry leaves*
Dried shrimps (soaked)
Chicken powder
2 pkts coconut milk
salt to taste
Taufu pok
Vege of your choice (i used chinese cabbage becoz i have stock :D)

(ya, curry mee without curry powder ;))

1) toast the belacan on dry pan until it's dried and crumbly

2) Blend red chili padi, red chili, ginger, shalots, garlic, dried shrimps, sugar, belacan and chicken powder together.

3) heat up the wok with oil (no need to wash that wok if you used it to toast the belacan before hand), fry serai and curry leaves, throw in all the blended stuffs, faster open the window to let the chili asap fly out, fry fry fry, until you think it's wangi (about 5-10mins in high heat). Throw in the santan and water, throw in the vege and taufu pok and bring it to a boil. Taste the curry, if not salty, add salt. if too thick, add water. if add too much water and became diluted, add a spoonful of condense milk and boil boil boil. anyway, if you boil long enough, it will be thickened again one :D

*i didnt use this last nite...but i figure it will taste even better with these ;)

The curry is ready!

Boil the noodles of your choice in a separate pot, drain, dump in a bowl, pour the curry sauce over the noodles and voila! curry mee is served!

If you loves seeham and charsiew in your curry mee, add the seeham and charsiew on your noodles before pouring the boiling hot curry over it :D, wanna know how i REALLY made mine last nite? ;)

1 big spoon of my potent sambal belacan (popo's recipe)
1 big spoon of my failed chicken rice chili (i thought i knew how to make them)
1 big spoon of ready made dried shrimp sambal which you can get in market
1 big spoon of cili giling
chopped bacon (totally useless, in retrospect)
chinese cabbage
taufu pok
pork balls

Sambal belacan
shallots, red cili padi, red cili, toasted belacan, sugar. - blend it all up and can keep in the fridge

Failed chicken rice chili
ginger, garlic, red cili padi, red cili, salt, sugar, chicken powder - blend it all up and can keep in fridge

Curry sauce
fry the chopped bacon on dry pan until all the oil keluar, add more oil, when oil is hot, throw in all the chili pastes (seriously, faster run to the window to open it all up... the fume makes you cough and sneeze!!), fry fry fry until wangi, add santan, add hot water, add chinese cabbage, taufu pok, fish balls and pork balls. boil it till the cabbage is soft. stir occasionally. if the mixture is too thick, add water. add salt if not salty enough. add chicken powder if you feel something is missing :D if too diluted, add one spoonful of condense milk :D boil boil boil

oh, u can omit the bacon. :D totally useless...cannot taste the porkiness after frying the chilies :D can just use normal oil ;)

Simple!!! :D

the only things missing was seeham, charsiew, fuchuk and that fuchuk roll thingie that the kluang curry mee stalls put :P oh oh and taugeh!! :D

will attempt to make it again next round with all the works! :D

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