Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The most amazing trip...

... happens when the ppl you go with have the same wavelength as you and made you laughed till you either vomit out the food you have been eating, or spit out the drinks that you were drinking or laughed till your tummy cramp and couldn't breathe and almost died (that will be a great way to die wei! laugh till die! :D)

anyway, went on a 3days 2nights trip to Ruby's Resort last weekend and we had so much fun that we are already planning another trip elsewhere! :D

Here's what happened:

18th June 2011, Saturday

Woke up at 5.30am, 30mins before the alarm rang. Too excited! :D Was suppose to wake Small Cow up at 6am but i had this really strong feeling that she will not be able to be on time since the previous night she was drinking heavily and got really drunk :D Tried calling her and the call was diverted to Vmail the whole time. Feeling not willing to delay the trip, i called her aunt (who is staying with her) to wake her up :P

After some mini dramas, we were on the way and arrived very late (9am) at the meeting point :D Bie, Nikie, Daph and Fion was already there waiting for us :D

Along the way to our 1st pit stop, the co-drivers were busy BBM-ing each other :D We arrived the 1st pit stop at Temerloh for toilet break and ciggie break in about an hour. The drivers were crazy! Speeding at average speed of 140km/hr. My heart stopped a few times. We left the 1st pit stop after 10mins break. Immediately after we left, we realized we did not pump air to the tyres and buy ice. So we ended up stopping at the following pit stop at Gambang. Arrived Gambang in less than 15mins :D.

We finally arrived at the resort at 11.30am. Kidnapped Aunty Ruby to the famous har mee in Kemaman (this time round the taste not that good already... dunno why leh)

After har mee, we went to the nearby supermarket to buy ice, green tea and plastic cups for us to prepare our drinking session that night :D. After that, we went to hunt for medications for Nikie & Heavenlytigerlily. After running all these errands, we went back to the resort to check in :D

The beach!

After checking in and lepaking for awhile, we all changed into our swimsuits and went over to the beach! Oh my! The waves were strong and we had sooooooooooo much fun laughing and talking and giving ourselves scrubs with the sands (konon la wanna do spa) :D After about 2hrs or so at the beach, we rinsed off the sands and proceed to the cafe to have Aunty Ruby's yummilicious ice kacang and fried chicken wings and a big jug of Ribena :D

looks plain... but underneath is full of hidden treasures like lychee, longan, jagung, chendol, grass jelly and i forgotten what, topped syrup and milk laden shaved ice. Sesungguh-nya refreshing after playing at the beach! :D

A dozen of Aunty Ruby's famous fried chicken wings! :D

We lepak lepak some more and then went back to our room to wash up for dinner :D We had BBQ dinner by the beach :D

BBQ-ed food... we dont have to bbq the food so shiok! :D

Chicken wings, lamb and squids! :D

After stuffing ourselves silly and laughed until stomachache, Daph, Fion and Heavenlytigerlily suddenly hilang..... we decided to drive out to get more ice to start drinking and bonding/bitching :D

On the way out, we saw the most beautiful sight...full moon shining brightly above the sea and reflected on the sea :D

I know this pic doesn't do the view any justice (sorry la... used my bb camera)... imagine it to be 10 times brighter or something la.. :D it was really gorgeous! :D

After getting the ice and kerepok lekor, on the way back to the resort, Bie and Nikie did their usual stunts of bantering between them both. which was really entertaining. Small Cow and I kept on laughing non stop. So cute la both of them!! :D

We drank Ice Wine (too sweet for my liking), Beer and Chivas + Green Tea that night

Once we arrived the resort, we terus minum and chat and bonded. Found out that Nikie and I know some common assholes in our lives :D Bie raised her white flag not long later and left only 3 of us continue to chat and bond and cleared up some old misunderstandings. Dunno what time did we went back to the room to sleep. But i know we set alarm at 9am to go for breakfast :D

19 June 2011, Sunday

Woke up at 9am to try Aminah's nasi lemak (she informed us the nite before that she will be preparing nasi lemak for breakfast)

Nasi Lemak! I like it coz the sambal is super pedas!! :D

This is my breakfast view.... damn shiok lor! :D

After breakfast, our initial plan is to go back and sleep... but mana boleh?? how can we waste the sun and the sands and the sea??? :D we chatted more and then they decided to talk about momoks and stuffs until my bulu remang.... and i abruptly excused myself to the room :D went to the room to change into swimsuit to continue to play at the beach.

That's when i got sunburned :P coz i was too "clever" i figure there's no point putting on suntan oil since i will be playing in the water as well...... :P

The waves was really strong.... pretty freaky... especially when i dont know how to swim!! :D after lepaking for about 2 hours, we got hungry and decided to head to get lekor and satar as our lunch back coz Small Cow was still sleeping. On the way there, i teringat Aunty Ruby brought us to this Nasi Kukus place that is really yummilicious. But i wasnt really sure how to go... so since Bie was driving, i asked her if she mind getting lost to look for this place or not. She didnt mind, so off we went... and we didnt get lost - much - only once, turn too early :D

What was really flattering was, I've only been there once, in December and Kak Yam actually remembers me and she ended up giving us complementary kuih to eat whilst waiting for our food to be ready :D

Complementary kuih tepung talam from Kak Yam

Nasi Kukus Kak Yam @ Taman Chukai Utama :D

Called Aunty Ruby to ask her if she wants us to tapau or not. And she immediately got us to tapau 7 packets for herself, her staffs, mudder and fudder :D It was really good :D

After eating and tapau-ing, we head back to the resort and stop at the roadside on the way to buy our satar and lekor and ice to continue drinking :D

Once back to the resort, we just lepak at the Beach Bar :D and whilst Small Cow tuck into her Nasi Kukus, we starting drinking...

Ice cold beer by the beach with sea breeze blowing at us.... this is life wei! :D

Whilst drinking, Bie played with Stout the cow masquerading as a dog :D until he is tired...

Stout splat on the ground

Heavenlytigerlily on the swing under the tree house by the beach... love this scene... so blissful :D

Started bon fire for the night

We lepak and laughed so much until my stomach started to cramp and they just wouldnt let me stop laughing! LOL!! then Heavenlytigerlily ended up spitting out her drinks a couple of times.... there was a moment of lull and Nikie suggested we play the continue the story game where we cant see the previous sentence and see how our story will ended up... and here's our essay:

That night, i decided to join Aunty Ruby, Mudder and Fudder for dinner as i havent spend much time with them this trip. We went over to Kampung Cherating for dinner. Immediately after we enter the restaurant, it began to rain.

rain! :(

Pretty cheap and good food! :D

We went back to the resort and Bie they all went out with Bie's friend for dinner alre... i suddenly got migraine attack and got Aunty Ruby to pass me the spare key so that i can take a rest.

I missed out on all the funny jokes... anyways, after they come back, i got dragged out to join them to chit chat and we decided to be considerate, knowing how noisy we are, we ended up chatting with each other over BBM group chat and then when something funny was said, we will suddenly burst into laughter.... damn silly!! LOL

20 June 2011, Monday

Time to check out :( we woke up at 10am to pack and check out. not before we have another few rounds of laughter!! :D

Checked out at 12pm and then we proceeded to Hai Peng. Was stuck in a jam on the way, quite bad jam. coz a crane broke down on the bridge. We were so hungry, and since the jam is non moving, Nikie and i went down from the car to buy keropok lekor :D we reached Hai Peng about 30mins later.

Wisma Hai Peng

This is only part of the stuffs i ate that morning :D

We jammed back to Cherating. And again, we went down to get more lekor and satar :D then we went over to Turtle Sanctuary coz Bie wanna see baby turtle... mana tau, the Sanctuary is closed on Mon and Tues :D

We head back south and stopped to buy ikan bilis and then head back to KL. Even that also we ended up laughing all the way back coz we were exchanging voice note between our car and Bie's car and we kept on cracking jokes until we laughed non stop!!! :D

When we reach KL, we were immediately hit with reality.... TRAFFIC JAM!!! aiyooooooo......

And that, my kawan kawan and karchengs karchengs, were the fantastic trip with fantastic people to a fantastic paradise ;)

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