Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bacon & Egg sandwich

Been bringing bekal to work 2nd day in a row and i m really getting used to it :D Today's lunch was Bacon, Eggs, Cheese, Baby Romaine Salad, Onion, Cucumber and Thousand island sauce on italian herb bread drizzled in olive oil :D

Sounds canggih leh??? :D It's surprisingly super delicious!! :D

Here's the simple recipe :D

Half a loaf of Italian Herbs Bread (found it in Jaya Grocer)
3 rashes of bacon
2 eggs (beaten)
2 slices of cheese
Some sliced onions
3 slices of cucumber
4 pieces of baby romaine salad
1 tbsp or less olive oil
Thousand Island sauce

1. place bacon slices on cold dry frying pan. turn on heat to low and slowly turn the bacon every once in a while until crispy brown. remove from heat and place it on top of kitchen towel to drain excess fat

2. pour in the beaten eggs into the porky oil filled pan and fry the egg according to your likes. remove from heat.

3. slice open the half of the bread (you can keep the other half or double the recipe so that you can give it to your favourite cousin as well ;)), drizzle olive oil on both sides of the bread (so that the thousand island sauce and vege moisture will not seep so much into the bread.

4. Place cheese on both sides of the bread (dual purpose, for taste and same reason as olive oil). Next, place cucumber and then bacon + eggs and finally the vege.

5. Pour whatever amount of thousand island sauce on the vege. and voila! :D

It's like making your own subway!! :D

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