Tuesday, May 31, 2011

weird dream....

.... i dreamt this morning that Minger and i went to Ruby's Resort with Redbabe and her husband. We played a new version of ginrummy. using 3 decks of cards and apparently Minger and Redbabe are experts in this game and they were teaching us 2 noobs in how to play.

At the same time, i accidentally called Rumba as Sunshine and Rumba merajuk at me and ignore me =.="

i felt bad so i keep on stroking Rumba (she is a very very super cute dog... her eyes can talk to you one! :P) and sayang her.

Dun ask me how can i play card games and sayang Rumba nonstop. apparently in my dreams i can :D

i suddenly got jolted outta my dream and look at the time. OH SHIT! 9.15AM!! i am so damn fucking late for work!

Automatically William Tell Overture came into my mind and i super kancheong-ing got ready for work.... i slowed down abit and realised i dont really need to care if i m late or not leh :D

Conclusion? I think it's high time i bring Minger to Ruby's Resort and it's high time Redbabe and i should plan to go together gather!! :D


  1. hahahahahahaha...... like that also can. Lols..... funny la u.....

    1) I dont know how to play ginrummy.
    2) Rumba don't mind u call her Sunshine one.

    still, hahahahahaha.... thanks for dreaming of us nevertheless!

  2. hahahhahaah.... it was really weird dreaming of you all since it's been 4 mths since we met! yes! 4 mths!! :D