Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sibeh Kancheong Song......

....i've finally found the title of the song!! :D

William Tell Overture

Let's rewind back to Ifer days aka high on drugs days :D Everytime (which is almost all the time) we are late for appointment and super kancheong and high on ice, we will be humming this song to make ourselves even more kancheong.:D and then our heart will palpitate even faster and ended up nervously laughing over it :D

Small Cow and Minger also kena this 'disease' ;-) Everytime they kancheong that time, this song will be playing in their mind. and MOST of the time it happens when we are running late for appointments/work ;)

We always wonder what is the title of the song. And i've finally found it last night whilst watching Secret Diary of a Call Girl Season 4. One of the sex scene played this song and since i turned on the subtitle, i finally saw the title!! yay for me! :D

Anyway, when i was looking for the vid on youtube, i found another kancheong song that Ifer and I used to use for a bit... but not much la... coz it's more 'grandous' than kancheong :D here it is:

Wagner, The ride of the Valkyries

right? more 'grandous' or kua cheong than kancheong right?? :D

P/S: here are some funny comments i saw from the William Tell Overture vid ;)

michaeltansini 1 month ago 94

-takes two coconuts and bangs them together-
-pretends to gallop on a horse-
Dreamer00 2 weeks ago 48

...thank god its only 3mins long.
...twice is more than enough!
HuskyColeman 6 hours ago

Ah, so amazing! I just did the dishes. Probably could have done them in half the time if I had this on ^_^.
3Z3K13L08 5 days ago

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