Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tired is the word for today

I did something that I am not proud of but I do not feel guilty at all given the situation I was into. But when I told ppl around me what I did without going in depth on WHY I did it, I got a lot of ppl frowning and tsk tsk tsk-ing at me. Which makes me all defensive and ended up justifying myself which pisses me off. So ya. I am not proud of what I did but I m not feeling guilty either.


It has been a productive day and yet some what a disappointing day for me.

Met the Small Cow for dim sum breakfast at around 9.40am. No photos taken coz we were both too hungry and too busy whatsapping other people :P

After breakfast, Small Cow sent me back to collect Murphy coz I needed to drive down to Ambank Jln Yap Kwan Seng to make my final installment (ladies and gentlemen, cows and dogs, yours truly is officially debt free ;)). My intention is to make my final installment, get back my car card (whatever u call it) and get the release letter from the bank. Then, drive over to Maju Junction (there's a JPJ office there) to "batalkan hak milik Ambank" and change the address on the card (it was registered under old company's address as I thought I will be working there for the rest of my life or something). I over estimate the efficiency level of Malaysian service industry as well as the government agency. Thus I was disappointed.

What happened?

Well, I was asked to go to the 3rd flr by the guard. He told me to use the 1st 2 elevators. I was still kinda disoriented due to following a bloody van driving 40km/hr on the FAST lane on Federal Hwy. Not forgetting it takes me sometime to find a parking at Menara Ambank!

Anyways, I digress, the guard told me to take the 1st 2 elevator to 3rd flr. I thought he meant the 1st 2 nearest to him. So I waited amongst the sea of ppl at the lift lobby without noticing the levels that the lifts are servicing. The leave arrived, I happily went in (of coz happy la, gonna be debt free wor :D) and I went for the buttons. AIKS!!! How come don't have #3 one?? Only got 1, 12 and other 20s punya numbers!! The lift were jammed packed and I have to quickly press the open button to throw myself out. By doing so, I felt like dozens of eyes daggers were on me and I heard a lot of displeasure grunts. Malu-fying! After a hasty apologies, I managed to squeeze out red faced and look at the wall properly. It's the 1st 2 lifts from the other end!

Aiyoooo.. Anyways, I finally went up to the 3rd flr, within minutes, my number were called (I was super elated). Went to the counter only to be told that I needed to go down to the ground floor banking hall to make a payment. I was being a stupid smart ass and asked "there are cashier counters here, why can't I pay here?" And the bank teller looked at me patronizingly and asked "did you see anyone manning the counters??" *i feel stupid* so I hurriedly scurried down to ground floor to take number (again!) to pay.

After waiting for less than 10mins, my number were called and I happily went over to the counter. The teller asked me to wait coz she needed to call up 3rd flr to verify. See, if they have cashiers up there, it wouldn't be so mah fan, right??
After the payment is done, I went up to 3rd flr again (did I mentioned how flooded with ppl the lift lobby is???), happily hoping to get the documents I wanted.... Mana tau, the bank cannot gimme the fucking release letter coz they needed to check with JPJ first (???!!!???) and I can only collect the letter tomorrow. Harlow? No need to work ah? Want me to make a trip to town every day?? Siao ah?

Then she told me a somewhat good news. They can email me the letter tomorrow and I can use the email copy to bring over to JPJ. But still! I am disappointed lor. I thought I can kau tim everything today leh! Where to find time to go JPJ next time wor??

So ya, I seriously over estimate the efficiency level here -.-


After leaving Ambank, I drove back thinking I still have time before dinner (had dinner plans with Minger) and I was thinking it'll be great catching a movie. Then I realized it is also the perfect time to groceries shopping. So I drove home, climb up 3 storeys (I think I should buy 3133!) to pick up the recycle groceries bag. Drove to Tesco Extra and got lost inside there for a couple of hours only to realized that half of the things on my shopping list cannot be found in Tesco. Drove over to Carrefour to get the other half and spent another couple of hours looking for the things that I wanted.

By the time I went into my car, I was fucking exhausted.

Drove back, brought one out of 3 huge recycle bagful of stuffs (think liquid stuffs-super heavy!) up 3 storeys. Took me almost 10mins coz I needed to take a few breaks and I think I hurt my back. Immediately unpacked and store the spoils in the fridge. Before I could take a breather, Minger sms-ed me to tell me she is reaching soon. So I went down 3 storeys again to meet her, went dinner and then she dropped me at my car to bring another bag of spoils up -.- I seriously think I hurt my back!

Conclusion: I have another bag of groceries in the car, I have not gone up and down my apartment so many times since I moved in!! But it's all worth it la. I am stocked up for the whole month!! ;-) I intend to cook everyday and bring to work to save money :D


Tomolo is the day. *excited*

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