Friday, May 6, 2011

nah... small cow, u want updates, here's the updates.

another car got stolen from our office yesterday. this time round, it's Ms Gan's car 1.5yrs old Honda City. I was minding my own business, trying to finish my work quickly coz i was scheduled to meet Linda, Tony and Betty for dinner to celebrate Tony's bday when suddenly i received a Whatsapp msg from Ms Gan asking me to go down for awhile. I asked her why? and told her i will go down immediately after i shut down the pc. she sent another msg to insist i go down immediately. i felt one kind. i thought: oh, got drama happened just now that i did not know of?

Anyway, i sort of ignore her la. i mean, i dont wanna make 2 trips down. might as well let her wait for a couple of minutes. manatau, a few minutes later, she came up with Addy weeping. REALLY WEEPING!! i was really shocked la.... then she blurted out sambil weeping that her car is gone. then a series of dramas happened around. Ms Know It All got so kaypoh and acted like it's her car that's stolen. bitch. Ms PA sniggered and taunted Ms Gan for being stupid for parking the car so far away. 5cm started to call his police friends to report. Big Boss started to call dunno who and talked damn long in his office. I asked both Ms PA and Ms Know It All to shuddup coz Ms Gan do not need to hear all these and kept on supplying tissues to her.

This is getting really scary. 3 cars has been stolen from here in less than a year. 1st car was our Finance Bitch's CRV, next was the bitch's bitch's Waja and now, Ms Gan's City. I really hope i'll get a reply from the new company soon.

Yea, went for an interview. Actually dapat the job already and i renegotiate the salary and now they are sort of not keen anymore and i feel like kicking myself silly. aih..... hopefully will know by today la :(

on another news, i m sick - AGAIN. it started with a single sneeze yesterday morning. then upgraded to a few sneezes in the office. then this morning, full blown runny nose with watery eyes. tiu.... =.="

mental note to self. get more oranges =.="

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