Friday, May 6, 2011

ji pai vs ci bai

so we were having lunch today. we consist of Finger, Ms Gan, Ms Know It All and me.

Finger is someone who never spew vulgarities at all. even when we tried to con him, he just wont say it...

Anyway, we were talking about car security and we were asking him (in mandarin) how much did it cost him to install the immobilizer and without any hesitation, he said : "Ci bai kuai lor (fast pussy)!!" and i straightaway exclaimed loudly (in a very crowded KFC): "WHAT??? CIBAI KUAI??? WHOSE PUSSY IS VERY FAST???"

We laughed non stop and Finger's face was damn red. after we laughed finish, he tried to say "Ji pai kuai (few hundreds)" But still he pronounce it wrongly as "Ci Bai Kuai" and we burst into another round of laughter :D

my colleagues are quite the funny at times.

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