Saturday, April 30, 2011

how delusional can you be? i m anti social because i am seeking attention? what a load of rubbish! stop thinking as if like you know me so well. you dont know me at all. everytime you spew out craps about me, i feel disgusted at you and you have seriously lost a friend in me.

i m utterly disappointed at you. disappointed that you are able to accuse me of so many illogical and untrue stuffs about me one moment without giving me a chance to defend myself and then a few moments later, you tell me you are my good friend. seriously, WTF???

so now you create another story. saying that i purposely dont want to go Phuket with you all coz i wanted attention from you all, i wanted you all to convince me to go. how ridiculous is that???? i dont wanna go Phuket coz i cannot stand seeing all the hypocrites at work and i cannot stand seeing your muka cibai, ok??? why do i wanna waste my long weekend suffering seeing all these things that i dont like when i can have my long weekend with my family or Aunty Ruby? you seriously think too highly of yourself.

i fucking need a new job soon la! i cannot take all these shit anymore!!!

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