Thursday, April 7, 2011

loooooong ass post :D

it's thursday! tomorrow is friday! fun! fun! fun! *doing a Rebecca Black*

anyway, so much has happened recent. life changing moment actually! :D

let's do the diary style la (if i remember)

Saturday, 2nd April 2011

Left office at around 5pm. When i left office, i felt so liberated and happy. It's like "wow! i left office early! yay!" then i immediately realized "waitaminit... it's a fucking saturday!!" shoot home to fetch minger coz i was craving for Garden's Ayam Penyet :P and i want to finally have my ice kacang with the green syrup... damn hard to find ice kacang with green syrup already, ok??? somemore when i talk about the green syrup, most people laugh at me like i made it up. really got one!! >.< we arrived Gardens super hungry only to find out the ayam penyet stall is no longer operating! omfg! then i remembered the food court in mv has a branch! so we walked all the way there - already super duper hungry, still have to walk a distance =.=" reached there, THE FUCKING STALL IS CLOSED!!!! really FOL! we decided to go Little Penang Cafe instead. On the way there we already thought of what to order. and we ordered the moment we seated. no need to even look at the menu :D

After makan, we went to the basement to get my honeycomb biscuit. and bought some toileteries stuffs at guardian then proceeded to Carrefour to get my HDD :D got promo! :D after buying stuffs, we were carrying the stuffs on our hands since it's a no plastic day. walked all the way to gardens to put the stuffs in the car. then went into Robinson to look see look see (minger's idea) then went to the food court to have my ice kacang. omg! it's very nice!! :D

went back after that. called small cow to ask her if we were still meeting and she told me she can't. ok lor :( went home and bathe and get ready for my dvd marathon. just when i was about to start, small cow call me to ask me if i wanna go and rescue her in jinjang or not. so off i went to rescue her.... only to get lost and she ended up getting her aunt to drive her out to rescue me =.="

after meeting up, we realized we were thinking of the same thing: KARAOKE!!! :D we called Daph to see if she wants to join us or not. then shoot over to USJ19 Mall. We sang and laughed so much until cheeks ache!! :D by around 3.30am, small cow's battery already flat. she actually lie down on the sofa and fell asleep for about 5mins and then straightaway wake up when Daph started her hokkien songs! damn funny! :D

left the karaoke at around 4something. went over to daph's place to see her new dog, coco.... omg... coco is soooooooooooooo manja! :D i think we left daph's place around 5am. drove to SS14 to pump petrol before driving small cow back to kepong. by the time i reached home, it was already 6am! :D

Sunday, 3rd April 2011

Intended to sleep all the way thru and wake up on Monday. But by 3ish, i couldnt sleep anymore and i started to bug people to go out with me. Minger says that she wants to go Tesco for groceries shopping at 7pm. so i told her i wanna go. i need to keep myself occupied la... if not, i will ended up thinking nonsense. i've decided that i wanna make 2 tubs of chilis - chicken rice chilli and sambal belacan. so we went to tesco and i bought the ingredients :D by the time we left tesco was around 8ish..... popped over at subway to get some bite (i've decided to rebelliously eat beef - knowing very well i will itch like mad!!) and then went home to start preparing my chilli sauces. :D the result? super nice!!! i love love love my sambal belacan!! :D

when i went into my room, and i saw a hell lot of missed calls!! all from my mom. called her and she broke the news that will change my life forever :Das most of you know, my mom is a fortune teller and she has been giving a lot of numbers to people and they strike. everytime they strike, they will either give her stuffs or cash. this time round, her client strike big. really big. i do not know how much they gave my mom but my mum gave me a hell lot of money. enough to pay back all the debts and even get myself a blackberry torch :D when she told me the news, i didnt believe her. i mean where got so good one? wanna gimme so much money! o.O so she made a bet with me. if i really got the money, i will have to help her talk to my bro. and if i didnt get the money, i will have the pleasure to tell her: see! i told you so!! :P

after hearing the news, i couldnt sleep at all.

Monday, 4th April 2011

woke up extra early to make up. it's Lat Kampung Boy the Musical night!! w00t!!! :D

Extra busy day. Shit happened at work. At the same time, i needed to talk to my bro. to set the record straight, i havent got the money yet that time. i know i have to talk to him coz he is too much to ignore my mom la. she is not matter what still our mother. how can he do that? anyway, here's the convo:

Big Cow: can we talk?
Fuzzy (my bro): what about?
Big Cow: mommy. talked to her last nite.she is super depressed. apparently u are ignoring her?
Fuzzy: yes
Big Cow: what happened la?
Fuzzy: I don't like lies
Big Cow: i asked her wat happened and she say she is not sure?
Fuzzy: and I am tired of them
Big Cow: what did she lie to u ?
Fuzzy: I don't want to discuss it
Big Cow: u do know that mommy loves u the most right? whatever nonsense she do or say, in her own twisted ways, she meant well. just that her mentality is quite twisted.
Fuzzy: I know.
Big Cow: dont ignore her so much la. papa and mommy not getting younger. they are in their 60s already leh. how many more years they have left?
Fuzzy: is it really worth it to play a charade of lies?
Big Cow: wat did she lie to u?
Fuzzy: she knows. or she can pretend to not know. I don't give a shit now
Big Cow: mommy is a person who exaggerates a hell lot and has a lot of secrets that she is not willing to share with us. in order to cover her secrets, she has to create lies to cover it up. has her lies hurt you or harm u in anyways?
Fuzzy: I don't know. why don't you ask her? let her spin more
Big Cow: is it about religion?
Fuzzy: I don't want to delve or discuss further
Big Cow: ok. just remember, they are not getting any younger, they dont have much time left. dont cut them off like this. also, when they are gone, it will be too late for you to make peace with them. i can see they are not as strong as before. u think about it la. just take mommy's words with a pinch of salt la. i never really believe what she says anyway. :D but her depression is quite apparent. u know very well how dysfunctional our family is. it takes more effort for us than anyone else we know to work towards a balance equilibrium (or watever it's called). u also know i m damn fucked up and u also sounded me many times before. i admit i m very fucked up and i m working hard toward unfucking up my life also
Fuzzy: I think it is extremely selfish for mom to expect others to remember her birthday but never once have I ever recalled that she remember out of her own volition her children and grandchildren's birthdays
Big Cow: ok. that one i agree. but then again, mommy and papa are like this all our lives leh. we grow up reminding them our bday and we request for presents from them. they dont offer to us one leh. we have to accept the fact that our parents are not like other people's parents. and they are so old already, it's impossible to get them to change now. so what we have to do is just accept it la. somemore you are over in usa, u dont have to deal with her nonsense all the time.
Fuzzy: so what are mommy's secret that you know?
Big Cow: not gonna tell u especially when u are so pissed and disgusted with her :D u cool down la... mommy last night also sounded me for being unfillial for not calling back often. so i made her a promise i will call back weekly. dunno what to talk about also if and when i call back weekly.
Fuzzy: you don't tell, I won't even consider calling mom. u choose
Big Cow: blackmail nor ultimatums dont work for us scorpios, you know that. it's a secret i found out myself. not from her own mouth. u are not telling me what lies she tells u anyway. watever it is, she is still our mom, she did go thru painful labour pain to give birth to us. and she loves u the most. she admit it last nite also. and i was surprised she actually apologized to me last nite that she doesnt love me as much.... ouch. but surprisingly i wasnt feeling angry nor hurt when she said that to me, i guess i am already immuned to it :D

anyway, he ignored me after that :D can u believe he is my OLDER brother?? *shakes head*

later in the afternoon, i checked my bank account and the money is not in yet. so i called my mom planning to say: hah! i told you so!!!

but before i can say that, i heard her background sound: dua satu satu kosong kaunter empat....

and i went: miiii you in the bank ah????
mummy: ya la
me: oh. ok

then hung up.

1 min later, she called to ask me to check my account. omfg! i strike lottery! :D

Few minutes later, i received an email from Minger that she got a better job!! it's like suddenly both of us has a life changing moment! :D

life changing for me coz the money is enough to cover ALL my debts. every single ringgits and sens and for the 1st time in the past decade, i can safely say, i m debt free. really really free :D not even car loan :D not even telephone bills or owing friends :D

and it's so damn liberating!! :D

So anyway, left office on the dot to rush for Lat Kampung Boy the Musical. OMFG!!! it's so damn great!!! we have so many talented people in Malaysia!! :D i enjoyed it soooooo much that i ended up giving standing ovation.... standing ovation is something that malaysians are not very good at giving coz i was one of the handful who gave :D nevertheless, it's so damn fucking good!!!!! :D

Tuesday, 5th April 2011

work like shit. as usual. then after work, started my round of bank paying :D went for a celebration dinner with Minger. celebrate her new found job and the fact that she is going over to Netherlands for 1 month soon :D and celebrate my new found freedom :D

Wednesday, 6th April 2011

more shit happened at work. at this point of time. i really really seriously thought of quiting and move back to SG. this is something that i m still currently contemplating. but the very thought of uprooting myself and leave everyone and everything here is kinda scary =.=" but if i m not uprooting, a lot of ppl are suggesting i get a property. i m thinking about it. i m not sure yet. my mom lagi hebat. told me if i dont go SG, she will buy me a new car and a place to stay. that's really too much la... i cannot take so much money from her. as it is, i m already feeling damn guilty about it. yes, i do feel guilty for taking money from my mom at this age ok? :D

the thing is, murphy is still serving me very well. and i really dont see any reasons for getting a new car :D will just send him to knock back the dents and change tyres and maybe tint it and change the sound system :D

as for a property. i dont know. i m not really keen at this point of time coz it's like i've finally clear all my debts and suddenly i have a bigger debt on me. siao meh? but then again, i m paying monthly rent..... aih.... headache... this is such an adult thing to think :(

went another few rounds of bank paying :D

Thursday, 7th April 2011

Made my final payment to the bank :D paid other debts and at this point of time, as i type, i've only got 2 more to pay over the counter and then i m done :D

Aaaaannnndddddd......... i am getting my Blackberry Torch tonite!!!! weeeeee!!!!!!! :D

Conclusion: i m feeling blessed and happy at the moment with a tinged of shame for taking money from my mom. but i see it as a 2nd chance in life and i seriously gonna treasure this chance and not fuck up financially anymore! :D :D :D :D :D

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