Saturday, April 9, 2011

Never judge the boobs by her bra =.="

met up with Lynn, Ash Guy Ash & Small Cow last night for Orh Chien at Setia Alam. We've planned this for months but always last minute someone has something on and cancel it. So anyway, despite raining heavily, we decided to just go. Ash Guy Ash is a fucking scary driver T.T

Anyway, Lynn met me at Sunway Pyramid 1st coz i needed to go and settle my old old old Maxis bill. Then we went over to Watsons to get my stuffs. When i came outta Watsons, i heard someone shouted my name. It was my highschool senior, KJW, who is also my ex-class teacher's son. We catch up a lil, exchanged numbers and next thing i know, he announced to the whole world that i am in Pyramid on FB =.=" sampat kia! :P

After leaving Watsons, knowing that Small Cow and Ash Guy Ash wont reach my place so soon, i suggested to Lynn to go have froyo... manatau it's damn far away in old wing and i m not a fan of walking so i told her forget it. :P After having a puff of ciggie and some drinks, drove back home to wait for the 2 to come pick us up. And we started to exchange momok stories. niama. so smart! really education not wasted! =.=" We decided to get down the car and smoke under the rain whilst waiting for them to come over.

Ash Guy Ash is really really a crazy driver! really. REALLY!! :P

Anyway, we really feasted like mad. 4 ppl = orh chien + lala chien + 25 satays + 1 ikan bakar + 1 wantan mee + 1 pan mee

So we started to talk cock sing song. Small Cow started update Lynn about her life. And Small Cow concluded one of the story by saying:

Small Cow: so ya lor, never judge the book by it's cover
Lynn: what???? never judge the boobs by the cover????
Ash Guy Ash, Small Cow & I: WHAT??????

everyone LOL

Ash Guy Ash: hmmmm.... makes sense... makes sense.....
Small Cow: what cover??? bra issit???
Lynn: ya ya!
Small Cow: ya, some boobs wear push up bras when take out that time not same size one! and some boobs take out bra alre sagging one..... ok! we have a new proverb, just like Big Cow's seeham disebalik kway teow!!

And that, my friends, is how smart my friends are =.=" we have a new proverb in the house! :D

Posted that in my FB status and it has generate the most 'likes' ever for my status =.="

Went karaoke (AGAIN!!!) after dinner. Ash Guy Ash dropped us at my place to cpllect my car and we called Daph to join us.

But last nite no hokkien songs at all la :(

Oh oh, i've finally got my torch. i m honestly still struggling to get used to it :D i damn suaku la! :D thank goodness small cow is a guru. she is still teaching me a lot of things :D

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