Wednesday, March 23, 2011

went over to Mudder's place last nite for dinner :D. It all started with me not seriously dengan tak tau malu-nya invited myself over to Mudder's place for dinner via Facebook :D i told her i wanted to eat sambal belacan + timun + nasi putih* (one of the best combination ever!!). That was around 6something. then i continue working clearing the darn paperworks (still got damn alot! one huge stack just came in today! ~~~>.<~~~), then at around 8ish, i suddenly received an sms from Fudder:

Dinner ready at mudder's resort.

i was like.... wtf?? serious ah??? but at the same time super excited la.... i mean, wei, homecooked food leh.... how not to get excited???

So dengan rakus-nya, i dropped everything.... literally. i didnt even tidy up my desk! :D and i shoot all the way from Kota Kemuning to Kota Damansara - 120km/h all the way :D ya, food makes me that excited!! :D got lost a little at Mudder's taman coz i forgotten a turn :D but i reached her place in due time la! mudder cooked curry ikan masin (yumz!) and i had the gravy with rice with sambal belacan (tarak timun) and keropok ikan :D nice!! :D

After eating, we went upstairs to pull Miao (who is sick and currently having a fantastic Macy Gray's voice - sexy-nya! :P), down to entertain me :P we talked some and tried to convince Miao to leave the house with us to have some Froyo (Fudder's idea). But she just didnt want coz she is really sick... poor miao!

Went to Sunway Giza to have my froyo and i was a super duper happy cow! :D but too bad la, last nite's selections not that great. but still got what i like la :D

Left Kota Damansara not long later and went over to Minger's place to chat and chat :D

*i know as a chinese, this is not something that we will like (the sambal belacan + timun + nasi putih). but i dont think we were brought up in a very chinese environment :D popo's cooking has always been more malay / peranakan style. i dont quite remember eating much chinese style food when i was growing up with her :D the most chinese food by popo should be 'chu keok cho - pork leg vinegar' and 'tong choy chu yuk - erm... steamed minced pork with tong choy (preserved vege)' :D the rest of her food are really non chinese :D i remember i was trained to tumbuk sambal belacan when i was 11yrs old.... damn tiring lor! tumbuk tumbuk tumbuk but the onion and chili wont hancur one! :P Sambal belacan is a staple condiment on our dining table every single meal. popo used to be so perfectionist that she insist we tumbuk the sambal freshly before every meal (ok, maybe not perfectionist la.... i think she just wanted to train us :D), but it's all good la... coz i actually love it :D sambal belacan with freshly cut cucumber and sometimes deep fried tofu and steaming hot rice.... *smacks lips* makes me wish to go home tonite to start tumbuk-ing! :D ok... the more i think about it, the more i wish to cook alre =.=" see this weekend if i have the mood or not la :D

Minger and i talked about our food tradition at popo's place last night and ya we both agreed our eating taste is not every chinese. we eat our food more 重口味 (heavy tastebud), everyday sure got curry or rendang or sayur lodeh one :D i dont remember having any 清淡 (light / simple) dishes when we were growing up :D

alamak... my thoughts wander too far alre... i suddenly teringat how popo used to mix a big bowl of steaming hot rice with butter and bovril and feel all of us karchengs at the garden :D i miss it! i think i will go get myself some bovril this weekend :D fuck the red meat allergies! i am gonna 以毒攻毒 (fight poison with poison!) :D

p/s: why am i using so much chinese words ah? i also dunno leh... just feel like it :D some more i cheat one! have to say it out to my colleague what i want then she type it in msn for me to cut and paste :D wat a super fail chinese i am!! :D

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