Wednesday, March 23, 2011


... is one person whom i can talk to on everything politically incorrect. coz no matter how politically incorrect i am, he is much worst than me. and we will always end up laughing about it :D

he has been entertaining me recently on his politically incorrect fantasies of fucking a malay chick with big boobs =.=" i shall not go into details coz it's pretty offensive to a lot of ppl out there.... but i just find it funny :D coz no matter how politically incorrect we are, we will never action on it. we just like to talk and fantasize about it :D

obelix: blow job in malay is kerja meniup
me: whahahahahahahaahahahahahaha.... who told you that??? google translate ah? whahahahahahaahahahahaha
obelix: dunno, saw it in twitter
me: it's hisap konek la!! wahahahahahahahahahaha

p/s: obelix never study malay before :D

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