Thursday, March 24, 2011

the sick virus has finally reached me, i think. woke up with not much voice and when i tried to sing along to the songs whilst driving, i sound like chicken kena slaughter =.="

ppl has been falling sick around me. 1st, it was Daph, then Miao, then small cow, then fudder and mudder and finally me! :D

i rather fall sick now and recover within 2 weeks! coz will be going for the short family trip to Dungun, Terengganu this coming 9th April! :D super excited! :D i love love love love love beach holidays! i cant get enough of it! and if got chance, maybe we will stop by at Aunty Ruby's to say hello and have the fantastic ais kacang~! :D

I am looking forward to April actually :D Family trip, gathering with the ex-ITT staffs (super excited about this!) and then ending the month with a trip to Phuket! weeee!!!

Life is good, i should feel blessed and thankful :D


  1. i think miao is a walking virus, that what the good doktah told me. no fried stuff, no aircon and avoid human in general :-p

  2. o.O avoid human????? o.O

    erm.... i m doing everything the doctor told you not to do... :P i had deep fried stuff at the lok lok van last nite, my aircon was full blast last nite and there are many ppl around me!! :D

    i am sooooooooo fucked! :D