Friday, March 25, 2011

Cow Stewart Gray in the house!! =.=

hi, my new name is now Cow Stewart Gray =.="

yup... my voice is so damn 'sexy', my customers are actually LAUGHING at me =.=" i called a customer just now to inform her of the status of the cargo and here's the conversation:

Me: hey, NN, this is Big Cow from ABC.
NN: har??
Me: erm... this is Big Cow from ABC
NN: har???
Me:.... this. is. Big. Cow. from. ABC
NN: i know, i heard you the 1st time! you voice too sexy la! that's why want you to repeat a few times!
Me:.... (cursing inside heart niama!) ok... anyway, the SMK not approved yet. do you want us to collect the cargo and store in our warehouse 1st?
NN: ok! ok! can also! make sure it arrive my place by Wednesday
Me: shouldnt be a problem
NN: eh, sing a Rod Stewart song for me??
Me: har??
NN: your voice so sexy, like Rod Stewart, sing la!
Me:.......... oi! dont sampat! i dont want!!
NN: sing la.....*laughing hysterically*
Me: eh... i need to call other customers already
NN: horr.... u wanna sing to other customers but not sing to me! i complain to your boss!
Me: seriously, busy now... next time sing for u!
NN: promise ah!
Me: ya ya...

chi sin!!!! why oh why do i meet so many 'fai' people one?? =.="

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