Tuesday, March 15, 2011

superb weekend! :)

Friday, 11 March 2011

Left office around 10ish coz i needed to finish up all my paperworks before i start my short vacay :D Went over to SS14 for BKT (5cm's favourite joint), then Small Cow came over to meet us after her OTT. After sembang a bit, 5cm and Finger rushed off to catch their midnight show. Small Cow and i decided to head over to USJ to kidnap daph :D We had froyo!! :D

the outlet in USJ a bit the limited choice lor... only got 8 different flavours. i still prefer the one near my place :D got 12 flavours to choose from!! :D

After Froyo, Daph was still hungry, so we popped over to the nearby coffee shop / foodcourt to makan. Ordered Wat Tan Hor and Chai Tao Kueh. We talked and laughed until Daph really need to go back coz she needed to pack for the trip to Penang the next day (i also haven't pack my bag for the trip to Ruby's! :P)

Small cow vroom vroom* back to SS14 to drop me at my car. We ended up chatting more, then we both realised we forgotten to pinjam Daph's toilet =.=" so we vroom vroom back to Daph's place to use her toilet before we vroom vroom back to SS14 :P when we reached SS14, we saw 5cm and Finger were outside the 7-11 drinking. We stopped there and lepak abit and i conned 5cm in to belanja-ing :D drank only 1 bottle and we all really need to get going alre... i needed to pack my bag and sleep!! :D

*vroom vroom - small cow changed her exhaust pipe =.="

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Aunty Ruby's bday!!! :D Headed over to Mudder's place at around 12.45pm, lepak a bit, then off we go! :D Stopped over at Burger King for lunch before we headed east. Mudder called Aunty Ruby to wish her happy birthday, mudder acted like it's a no big deal thingie. After eating and smoking, i called Aunty Ruby pulak to wish her happy bday and tell her that i will see her in June :D the whole journey was full of laughter, laughed laughed laughed until cry, until cheeks, jaw & stomach ache! :D Saw a bunch of cute ang moh cyclists with nice butts! :D the whole car (excluding Fudder) went: Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh........... :D we needed a bowl each for our dripping saliva wei! :P Fudder was driving the Avanza like some sports car and i was sitting at the rear end and it was super bumpy!! :D

the view that greeted us when we alighted the car :D

We arrived Cherating around 5ish and went to the nearby pasar malam to buy food coz we didnt know if we will have any food at Aunty Ruby's or not... heck, we didnt even know if we will have any place to stay or not! coz apparently it's a full house! :D We arrived, the 1st person we saw was Aunty Suzi. Aunty Ruby was busy somewhere :D When we finally saw Aunty Ruby and wished her happy bday, she was so surprised and kept on grinning non stop! After a round of hugging session with Aunty Ruby and Amazing Aminah, Aunty Ruby got us 2 rooms :D Some rubbish decided to cancel their trip last minute coz scared of tsunami =.=" Ironically, Thundermiao, Ina and i got the same room as my previous trip :D. After settling down our stuffs, we went to the beach to just chill :D

look at the strong waves!
the clouds were coming in... :)

taken when Mudder, Fudder, Coco, Thundermiao and Ina decided to explore all the way to Club Med and i wasnt that hard working to walk 4kms on the beach. nuh uh... i rather sit and enjoy the warm wind wei! :P

nah.. 4kms down the beach will be Club Med :P

Was pretty much stoning by the beach when i heard Aunty Ruby calling for me. Went back to the resort and was greeted with yummilicous bbq food!!! :D We ate and ate and ate and laughed and laughed and laughed so much, i m amazed i am able to gorged so much food into me! :D The planned was to take out all 3 bday cakes at 9pm sharp as a surprise to Aunty Ruby. Mana tau when they were preparing the cakes, she masuk dalam and saw it =.="

Mudder's idea for using the long candle coz apparently that's what Aunty Ruby did to Mudder last December :P

i know, i know. pic super blur. i m choosing to blame it on the strong winds :P

bday gift from Aunty Suzi to Aunty Ruby! damn nice!! :D yes, yes, Aunty Suzi is the talented & famous Rock Painting artist!! :D

After cake eating, laughing and lepaking by the beach, Fudder asked if we would like to go out for teh tarik. Ina wanted to buy souvenir :D the road leading outta Ruby's Resort is very very very very dark. And i think that sort of freaked out Fudder a bit coz he suddenly tell us not to mention anything if we see or smell or sense anything peculiar :P i am sort of used to the road so i was just smiling away :P After look see look see at Kampung Cherating, we headed over to Kemaman to look for a place to minum. Rounded the town twice and decided to minum at the warongs near the market.

Spotted: Dirt cheap satay! 3 for RM1!! :D We kiasuly ordered :D

So we sat down and ordered the drinks and the satay and we ended up laughing until really tears come out! After the waitress took our order, the waiter came back and asked in malay:

Waiter: Who ordered teh o ais limau or teh o peng limau* just now?
Me: me
Waiter: So, you want teh o ais limau or teh o peng limau?
Me:....erm... teh o ais limau (i was having ??? on my head already wtf??)
Waiter: ok. hot or cold?
Me:.............. erm... cold!!

*for the uninformed:

teh = tea in malay

o = black in chinese
ais = ice in malay
limau = lime in malay
peng = ice in chinese

After he left, the whole table burst into laughter!! like wtf??? isnt that the same???? ROFLMFAO!!! after laughing awhile, the satay came....

Now we know why so cheap. No cucumber or bawang :D Taste wise, a bit the off... We were creating stories on why it's so cheap... could be a month's old meat :P

Then the drinks came. Which we burst into another round of laughter. Miao ordered iced coffee. When she got her drinks, she went: Eh, salah order. They gave me tea! then she took out the bag and we informed her, that's coffee bag!! like wtf??? where got ppl serve iced coffee like this one? only in Kemaman wei! :D

ha, dont say they no no give u kao kao coffee ah... :P

We went back to Ruby's resort after laughing non stop. Back to the room, we freshen up and ended up chatting till 2something in the morning when we were suppose to wake up at 6am to watch sunrise! :D

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Watch sunrise my ass la! :P my alarm rang and i turn it off, then miao's alarm rang and she turn it off. Then at around 7am, Fudder came knocking on our door to wake us up coz he wanted to go jogging by the beach. i told miao and ina to go ahead. i wanna sleep somemore! :D so sleep i did. until i received a call from Fudder to wake me up and tell me that they are waiting for me to go for breakfast. So i faster wake up and wash up. Went outta the room only to see it empty. =.=" after stoning at the cafe for awhile whilst waiting for Miao and Ina to come back from oogling at mat sallehs in Club Med, we headed off to Hai Peng for their famous coffee and food (i still think Kluang's Hoover / Railway Station is better :D)

the standard picture to take every time we arrive Hai Peng :D

Nasi Dagang... not bad.

Mee Hoon goreng. I think the mee goreng is nicer :D

Had only 1 kopi o peng, 1 packet of nasi dagang, 1 packet of mee hoon goreng and 2 sweet potatoes curry puffs coz we were suppose to go for har meen after that... mana tau... i dont know the way to that har meen place =.=" feeling a tad disappointed, Fudder stopped at the roadside for me to buy my Keropok Lekor and Satar. The satar seller told me i need to wait very long as the customer before me ordered a lot and they are still bbq-ing T.T ordered my Keropok Lekor, went to the car to tell show them my muka 5sen coz i tak dapat my satar and Ina when down the car to work her charm.... wah... damn good! within 5mins i got my piping hot satar!!! :D damn amazed!! :D

On the way back to Ruby's Resort, we went over to the Turtle Sanctuary to look at Aunty Suzi's mural :D Very nice!! :D She is so talented la!! :D

Mural done by Aunty Suzi :D

We went back to Ruby's Resort to prepare pack up... need to check out alre :( before checking out, Mudder asked if i wanted to try Aminah's famous ABC. and of course i want la! :D It's really good! not too sweet! :D

Aminah's ABC with generous amount of goodies at the bottom!! :D

Left Ruby's Resort at around 12ish and we continue to yak all the way to Temerloh. exchanging momok stories :D damn funny and scary at the same time! :D

Had a quick lunch at Temerloh and then off we go. Reached KL around 4ish 5ish. Feeling fucking stoned :D

Went home to sleep nap for a short while before meeting minger for dinner :D after dinner at around 9ish, i went back to sleep all the way to 2ish to log in to FB for awhile and then continue to sleep back till 10ish in the morning :D

Monday, 15 March 2011

woke up 10ish... dont know what to do, got the old man to come over for a round of fun :P then we went out for lunch and froyo (yes! again! :D) then came back and chatted online for awhile and slept. woke up, called Minger, went out to run some errands with Minger and had dinner and then come back to stone more (i seriously think i slept too much :D) then decided to start off my 2nd knitting project! :D

Bought these yarn ages ago (2-3 yrs ago), ambitiously wanted to learn how to knit a cardigan for myself. But no la... too much effort la... got alot of knits to count one!! :D So I've decided to need more scarfs! I've got like 6 balls of yarns for this. The texture is very different from the previous one, hence, it's more challenging. Decided to use a bigger needle so that it can be completed faster :D i foresee this will take me 1 year to complete la... :D my sifu lamented that scarf shouldn't take so long (1 yr!) to complete and i told her, the previous scarf takes me 4 yrs! she almost fainted :P

i foresee with this amount of yarns, i can make 4 sets of scarfs :D 3-4 ppl is gonna get the same bday present! :P i've yet to decide to knit for myself or knit for others. but knowing my character, after seeing the same thing for waaaaay too long, i will get sick of the color and want to give away one la :D

I think this has got to be one of the longest and most pictures posts i've ever written la :D


  1. so much fun. :) I like. the beach, the food and froyo!

  2. yea!! i had really really really great time!! :D i laughed so much until at one point i actually asked them to stop talking coz my cheeks cannot take it anymore! damn painful! :P