Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Big Boss lost in sea for 18hrs

yep... my boss and another friend got lost in the sea for 18hrs on Sunday. And now that he is back and alive and kicking, i cannot help but to keep on laughing at him. coz he really looks like bao gong minus the crescent on his forehead!! :D

from the snippets of the stories that he told us. he and his group of regular diver friends when diving off Lumut. when it's time for them to come up to the surface, the current got really strong and pushed he and another friend further away. so they were drifting in the seas for about 6hrs before they found a tiny rock with a batang of steel sticking out that looks like a mini lighthouse (from the photo he showed me just now). they clinged on that rock for another 12hrs before they saw a fishing trawler and he sent the sos signal using the flashlight. :D

our lady boss on the other hand, heard the news of her husband lost in seas via the BMW sales person. apparently the sales person's husband is one of the regular divers who didnt go diving this time round. and non of them has her phone number. so they ended up calling someone else BMW to search for her number =.=" she and another friend went up to Lumut that night itself. When she didnt get any news the next morning at around 7am, she emailed all of us informing us that boss is lost in sea. the marines, bomba, police, dive squad was activated. They almost sent helicopter from KL to search already but 30mins after her email, she sent another email to tell us that boss has been found =.="

the first thing boss did when he got rescued was not drinking water or eating anything or calling his wife, the 1st thing he did was to borrow the fisherman's phone to take picture of the rock that he clinged on to =.=" then he called his wife wanting to bluff her that the boat he was travelling in broke down that's why havent go home yet. before he can say anything, she told him she is already in Pangkor. he was thinking: aiyoh... hailat already!

when they reached the jetty and saw the whole village were there, the 1st thing his friend said was: Wah! sai mm sai oh!!! whole village is here!!!

they got interviewed by the reporter and the marines and police acted damn disgustedly lor. taking all the credits that they found them. but padahal it was the fisherman that saved their lives!

we bought the chinese newspaper yesterday and Ms Gan read it out to us and we were laughing out loud the whole time. the friend was quoted: thank goodness i survived and am alive! and my boss' quote was: i will not give up diving! =.=" ya... that's my boss!

i was informed of this whole drama on Monday afternoon when i was chatting on msn with my colleagues. when i heard about it, i told them boss wont die so easily one la... he already say he is more at ease in water than on land. he is a fish la... how to die? unless got shark attack la... but selat melaka where got sharks one? but apparently got wor... coz boss they all saw the fins.... lol...

so anyway, ya, my boss super long life. wont die one la :D

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