Thursday, March 17, 2011

super sleepy from lack of sleep (duh!).... what did i do last night? nope, didnt go curi itik, ok? :P

Left office around 9.30pm and went to Subway with Lady Boss for a quick bite. Had my veggie delite subway 2 nights in a row!! *pure happiness* :D we chatted about work stuffs and our upcoming phuket trip... gosh! i am so excited!!! we will be staying here!!! :D

met up with Small Cow after subway with Lady Boss. Wanted to copy some files from her HDD :D and as usual, we laughed so much last nite! :D

Daph was suppose to join us, but she got mild Kluangitis Disease so we ended up at her place having fun. :D Lemme tell you a little about Daph. Her most frequently used sentence is "Oh God!" last Friday night when we met her for Froyo, she went: "Oh God! I am so hungry! Let's get something to eat!" and i quipped "Yes, my child, eat we shall! off to Taipan my angel (Small Cow)" and we started to laughed like mad over the silliness. Eversince then, i am 'God' ;)

So last nite at Daph's place, i needed to take a dump and the 2 girls were outside talking very loudly and as usual la, Daph started to oh god here oh god there and i suddenly say: Oi! Your god is taking a dump! Can you give your god some private time alone ah??? and we all burst into laughter again :P

Anyway, after transferring the files that i want, we started to watch some porn from Small Cow's HDD. Damn funny!! Not even turn on-ish at all one. Maybe coz watching with friends la and also they look so fake, doesnt look like they are really enjoying themselves also... then there's this scene where this girl started to moan "Oh god! yes!! yess!! yes god!! oh god!!" and i went "Yes, my child, why you keep on calling me??" :P that makes us laughed even more! Then Small Cow say "Wah, next time i watch porn will always think of you already! Especially when the girl start calling oh god!!" ROFLMAO!!

at around 3am, i got really tired and decided to call it a night. reached home 10mins later (ya, speed all the way :D) only to find out that there's no more parking space at my apt! mostly occupied by non sticker cars!! how can??? i was pretty upset la... dah lah so tired alre, still have to round and round to look for parking and then have to walk some more =.=" so i decided to park illegally at the motorcycle bays :P

This morning i came down, my wheel got clamp. niaseng.... i refused to pay for the clamping coz it's no fault of mine that i dont have space to park when i have valid sticker ma! and the super tulan part, the bloody guard who holds the bloody keys went off for breakfast with the keys. apparently the keys are hungry too! niaseng. so i made a huge scene (ok la, not so huge la... but in my level, very huge liao :P) and told them off la. who ask them to let those cars without stickers to take up our bays? and how come they didnt clamp those cars? clamp my car for fucks ah? then they say those cars got pay overnight parking and i went, so is it my problem you all over sell the space? shouldnt priority be given to the residents ah?? then they started to talk crap which i tuned out. and then i got really fed up of waiting and i was already late for work! so i told them i am being paid by the hour, and they need to pay me for my time wasted! after arguing, they decided to waive off my clamping charges :P but if they insist on charging me, i still wont pay one la. i will definitely go up to the management office and really make a scene liao.... stupids!

so ya.... my mood got marred by this stupid incident =.=" plus not enough sleep... =.="

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