Thursday, March 17, 2011

Froyo addiction - whole new level

ok... everyone around me knows i m very much addicted to Froyo :D but what i didnt realized myself how addicted and obsessed with Froyo i am!!

What happened? the other day when i came back from Cherating and lying on my bed, i found this piece of paper which has my handwriting on it. i was really shocked as i dont recall ever writing it! i was kinda freaked out, am i finally going crazy? do i really have multi-personality disorder??? so i took a pic of the paper and sent it to Minger. Here's the piece of paper:

what do you think? i really have no recollection of ever writing this! freaky hor?? when did i write that? wat the fuck was i thinking??

any psychologist out there wanna analyse me? :P

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