Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blessed... *edited to make it more readable*

... is how i m feeling now :-)

i m blessed for having really nice people around me :-) although i can't stand my colleagues working attitude and bitched about them so often, outside office they are really nice bunch :-) really. We made it an unspoken rule NEVER to talk about work during lunch or get outcast by us. A few kena thrown into the cold palace until they repent :-p and it's always full of laughter during lunch coz we will be talking a lot of stupid nonsense and laugh over the silliest stuffs :-)

friends wise, ah, where do i begin?

I am surrounded with really nice fun loving and supportive friends!

Small cow who is really a dear dear friend, whom at this point of time, when and if we do get disagreement, it always dissipate even before it began. Maybe coz we've been thru so much disagreements in the past and stop talking to each other for up to months, us having goldfish memory, will forget soon enough and start talking to each other again no matter what happened.

Then there's Redbabe, a dear inspiration positive friend who inspired and encouraged me to see the positive of life and stop wallowing in self pity ;-) we don't meet up often enough, but she is one person i treasure (kembang or not?) ;-)

mudder and the bunch of sampat pjnet friends who entertains me endlessly daily on FB

aunty Suzi & aunty Ruby who are also inspirational. I wanna grow up to be so fun and logical like them! ;-)

then there is annoying little brother Donny Ang. He, for most of the time, annoyingly dramatic, but he is still a good friend, good makan buddy and very silly and very SSGG (shiok sendiri glamor gila) but he has a nice heart :-) bitchy with his mouth, but sweet and kind hearted with his actions ;-).

What about that guy i m smitten with? The guy i sort of knitted for? Erm. I m not sure. I know i m glad our path have crossed and i m glad we've became somewhat close buddy (but i somewhat feel i m tepuk sebelah tangan).

Dear karchengs, u all think i'll never mention you all right? ;-) saving the best for the last ma (looks at Jo, thinking back at my 16th bday where she refused to wish me the whole day and night coz she wanted to be the last to wish me - saving the best for last, konon! Ended up she totally forgotten to wish me until past midnight -.-).

Minger, for always there with ready listening ears

linda for always there to show me a different perspective and for bringing my darling chanel & baby zen to my life ;-)

karen jiejie for always there to mentor me and for bringing sarah, alex and janice into my life ;-)

jo for being there for me all my crazy emo youth years and bringing jenny and crystal into my life :-)

abang, taisou and tasya for welcoming me with with open arms and heart into your family and bringing baby mika into my life ;-)

kaima & kaiyeh for guiding me how to handle my increasingly difficult parents :-) i am so blessed! :-)

not forgetting the rest of the family members la. If wanna list out all, i think this post will be few hundred pages long (exaggerated la of coz!) ;-) some more i know they won't read this blog anyway ;-)

don't worry la, this is not a suicide post or anything like that. I just want to blog it out to remind myself how truly blessed i am and if i ever feel down or depressed, i can always read back this post to remind myself how truly blessed i m ;-) my eyes are getting heavier with each buttons i pressed on this phone :-) gonna sleep now ;-)


  1. Kembang until want to burst already. :D And I am blessed too to have finally know you now (after so many time we crossed path).

  2. Lol! Don't burst! Don't burst! ;-) i always revel how we take so long to finally know each other even when we have crossed paths so many times! And i m thankful for facebook and msn and blogging to give us the opportunity to get to know each other better ;-) let's plan to meet up again lor! 1 month since we last saw each other! ;-)