Friday, March 11, 2011

My KNITTING project :D

Ok ok.. finally can reveal the project i was working on coz the recipient do read my blog occasionally that's why i didnt wanna reveal it. But now that i've given him the scarf that i've knitted, i can finally blog about it! :D Some more have to literally twist his arms to make him model it for me =.="

the recipient (whom admittedly i m smitten with) & the scarf :D

I didnt started knitting for him :D i started to knitting for myself 4yrs ago. i was really crazy about blue color then. but after knitting for awhile, i stopped coz i dont have much patience nor do i have long attention span :P occasionally i will take it out from the knitting bag, knit a few rows and i will just give up. yes, i still dont really love myself that much to be motivated to do something nice for myself :P it's also the fact that the color i've selected is really masculine :P and the more i knit, the more i didnt like the color. how la to find motivation to continue?

masculine colors (wtf was i thinking when i 1st buy them la?? :P)

The unwilling model :P

Then recently, i got to know him. and i dont know why, i really really like him a lot! i wouldn't say it's love. but i like him a lot. enjoyed his companion a lot. in a perfect world, he is actually almost everything i m looking for in a husband. *gasp* me? thinking about marriage?? already say in the perfect world lor, this is also not perfect world =.=" but nothing is ever coming out from this. he made it clear and i accepted it wholeheartedly - i dont wanna risk losing this friendship so soon anyway :) and some more his bday just past less than a month ago and i felt bad not giving him any presents. what to do, suppose to find him a girlfriend, but i failed terribly :P so anyway, *lightbulb moment* why not continue with the knitting and give it to him? i know it doesnt really sound right or sincere since i did not purposely started knitting for it, but the final 8400 out of 30800 knits were really meant for him ma... still count a little, right? :P some more he travels more than me. he will need it more than me la... when i 1st started knitting the project, i was trying to influence minger to knit as well coz she needed distractions from a series of misfortunes that were befalling her. mana tau, she also left the knitting in the shelf for 4yrs :P Now that she will be going to Netherlands soon, she is rakusly starting again :P i will prolly help her knit la... since i m faster ;)

i realized i actually do enjoy knitting :) it's quite enlightening coz i get to think and reflect on stuffs and my mind got clearer :) pretty therapeutic... but not when u knit like 6 bloody hours straight non stop la :P the other day was crazy :P sadly, i only know how to knit scarfs for now :P i have no confident in knitting a cardigan for myself coz i doubt i can remember the counts :P and i dont wanna knit all the way already only realized the sleeves are lopsided :P some more my attention span is so short, if i start knitting a cardigan for myself, i think it will take me 20yrs or something =.="

my next project, knit for my darling Chanel, Mika and Baby Zachary aka Zen ;) why not knit for myself? erm... see how? Chanel and Zen should be going to Taiwan soon to meet their grandparents. So i guess i should knit it for them soonish? :P

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