Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stoned cow = blur cow = silly cow =.="

I've finally finished my project at 3am this morning :D now i m super blur... i didn't realized how taxing it is to my brain cells =.="

So anyway, brain dead, but spirit is still up so i've decided to send some happy vibes sms-es to Minger:

From me: It's a brand new day! Hope today will be a great one for u! :)

From minger: Who r u??

(thinking that Minger is not used to my positive self and thinking that some alien has kidnapped me, i've decided to be silly)

From me:I am your sister's mother's father's wife's son's wife's son's sister la!

From minger: O..!!

From me: ha? I brain dead this morning. Cannot think. Finished my project alre and super stoned now

From minger: Did u send wrong MSG? Actually i dun know who r u lo????

i went .......................................... for a long long time. i see the name appear on my phone as minger leh... how come wrong number one? so i checked the message details and went: O.M.F.G!!

really wrong number =.=" shoot me pls. seriously. just shoot me now =.="

how wrong number? erm. minger's number is 016. i sent to a 012 number. and ya, i have the habit of typing out numbers instead of looking thru phonebooks. and i know i've sent wrong message to wrong ppl before but it's always to ppl that i know. =.=" this is the 1st time i sent to some random stranger! =.="

updates: just called minger to tell her about this silly mistake and:

she went: oh, it's a guy.
me: ha? how you know?
she: coz i've got a few friends dial wrongly and call him a few times before looking for me
me: wtf?? why he so kelian one?
she: i dont know!!
me: why you got so many blur fucks around you one????



  1. so silly! =.=" i think the recipient must be thinking i am some kinda lunatic that just got released from mental asylum or something :P