Wednesday, March 30, 2011

so, i was on mc yesterday. didnt plan to mc one... seriously. woke up my usual time, wash up, got ready, dressed for work. went back to my room... and.... i realized i am kinda disoriented to drive. =.="

sms-ed the whole world to report mc. slept back for a moment before got woken up by colleague to ask me about work stuff. which kinda made me super stressed. logged on to work email via my phone and saw the whole world is gonna collapse like that =.=" did some work on my bed then around 2.30pm, met up with minger (who is also on mc for interview purposes) for lunch.

after lunch, went to see the doc. whilst waiting for the doc to see me, i blew my nose and blood started to gush out like water fall. thank goodness the counter got loads of tissue paper :D

When the doc finally saw me:

Doc: *wide eyed panic* you are bleeding now???
Me: *sounding nonchalant* ya.....
Doc: u need to go hospital now!!!!!! *really panicky voice*
Me: but why?? i wanna see you!! *sad face*
Doc: you need to go to the hospital now!! i cant stop your gushing of blood!!!
Me: but last time you gimme nasal spray works leh.... pls dont throw me out!! *sad sad face*
Doc: but this is serious!!
Me: but i dont feel serious!!
Doc: *sigh* come in and we talk
Me: yay!

went into her room, she pull out a lot of tissue paper and asked me to remove the tissue tampons that i stuck into both my nostrils (that usually stops the bleeding - from my 'vast' experience). the bleeding has somewhat stopped. so she took my temperature. normal. no fever. throat is very red. chesty cough. the usual durian season sickness - except that i've not touch a single durian yet! i lamented to the doc about it and she forbids me to touch durian... damn =.="

Anyway, she again advised me to go hospital and i told her i dont want, coz i scared of momok. and she looked at me one kind and started to laugh out loud =.=" i m serious leh... hospitals got a lot of momok! then she told me what kinda meds is she prescribing me, she was listing out a lot and i looked at her and stopped her midway and say: doc, u wanna doped me up ah? why so many one???

Doc: you have no choice!
Me: okie okie, as long as i no need to go hospital and mingle with momoks
Doc: are you always so cute and funny?
Me: erm... i m not cute nor funny. just filter in my head not working *dead panned face*
Doc: ok, i am giving you 2 days mc
Me: dont want.... gimme today is sufficient. i dont know wat to do at home leh
Doc: Big Cow... you are sick and you need rest you know???
Me: i know... u see, u are giving me drowsy meds, right? when i take it later, i will sleep till morning and i will be ok! so no need extra day!
Doc: Are you the doctor or am i the doctor now??
Me: *smiling sheepishly* you... but seriously, gimme 1 day enough. if tomorrow i m still not ok, i come back and see you to get one more day la
Doc: ok ok. make sure you rest ah!
Me: ok. i will go back office later to clear my work and then go home and rest
Doc: WHAT?? you are forbidden to go back to work! go home and rest immediately!!!
Me:... erm... ok *sad face*

so ya... i m feeling much better now actually. after sleeping for so many hours :D and the more i think about it, the more i dont think i m having leukemia la... i think i was just scaring myself :D

nevertheless, i will go back to the doc to get a full check up soon.... :D I mean, hey, if i m really gonna have terminal disease, i really want to know how much time i have left leh :D so much things to do! :D

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