Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i am actually not that strong. i always pretend to be happy coz no one likes a grouchy mean bitch.

i feel like i have a split personality. although i am happy happy sampat sampat outside, i m crying inside.

my private blog has turn so depressing that i cannot even bear to log in there anymore to rant.... coz everytime i see it, i wish to slit my wrists even more.

i cannot take the stalking business anymore. mr psycho stalker aka kelvin is really getting too much for me. the sad thing is, i dont know his full name nor his full address. so how to make a police report?

he came over last night as usual, knocking on the door. i was too drowsy from the med to layan him. so i dozed off, not before sms-ing him to fuck off and that i am sick, not free to layan him.

this morning when i woke up to go to work, my doorway is wet with urine and my slipper is soaking in piss. i m seriously fucking pissed off and tired. like wtf is wrong with this fella la??? it's been more than a year since we broke off! wtf does he want with me la? does he honestly fucking think that by doing all these stalking and crazy stunts i will go back together with him ah???

i guess it's time for me to look for a place to move :(

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