Monday, March 28, 2011

a sick and bored cow is a crazy cow =.="

left office around 3ish - 4ish last saturday (see, who says i m always free in office? - pfffttttt). Was pretty hungry and craving for porridge or something soupy. then i teringat daph and small cow went to hon kee porridge in Taipan recently. did some googling (or lougling* :P) and found hon kee at uptown as well :D asked lady boss if she was game to go, she was. so off we went. not bad la... but they mixed up my order =.=" ended up eating meatless porridge when i ordered pork, chicken and century egg =.=" what i got? century egg and salted egg (yea, salted egg! something i dont fancy!!). wanted to return the order and get them to remake one more for me. but my stomach told me to just fucking eat it, bitch! :P so ate i did. cringing with disgust over the awfully saltiness of the salted egg =.="

after porridge, went home to continue to drool on the Japanese actor whom i am not bothered to remember his name :P he is cute... really cute... :D

ok. google tells me his name is Masaharu Fukuyama :P

Anyway, finished watching the whole drama, i got bored. really really bored.... i didnt know what to do. i know i should rest since i am sick. but i was bored. so i called a few friends to yumchar but everyone was busy..... i started knitting a bit and i can proudly say that minger will most likely be able to bring the scarf to holland soon ;)

the current length is double this now :D

I got bored of knitting after awhile. ya, i was in those restless mood where my attention span is even shorter than normal =.=" then decided that i might be hungry. so i went to my kitchen to see what i have.

hmmm... got that canned spicy pork cubes, got bee hoon, got chai poh, got garlic and luncheon meat. got possibility :D so i decided to just soak some beehoon, chopped up some garlic, soak the chai poh, diced some luncheon meat and open that canned pork thingie.

i wasnt sure if it will taste any good without any veggie :D so i fry fry fry... turn out ok ok la... a tad too oily =.=" but i cooked too much so ate until damn full :D

pic grainy coz i malas to take out my camera... used my phone's instead :D i think it will taste better with some taugeh or choy sam :P i think i will cook it again tonite :D

after eating and stoning a bit, i started to knit again... rakus hor? i also amazed with myself :D

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Mudder woke me up at around 10am to makan. too early! too early! Anyway, mudder was laughing at my voice la.... she say she dont remember having a girl who sound like a guy in her children list!! =.=" anyway, told her we should meet later :D

after mudder hung up, i couldnt sleep anymore =.=" surf net a bit and then laze around a bit. basically, stoning on my bed :D got up to wash up. and then continue with knitting and listening to songs. i was
singing croaking along with the songs really SSGG (shiok sendiri glamour gila) :D i was laughing at my horrible voice and yet i still wanted to sing along :P

Mudder and Fudder came over no long later and we went over to Nirvana USJ9 to makan banana leaf (i know, i m not suppose to eat all these heaty food, but i believe in fighting poison with poison ma :D)

look at the colour! how to say no to such yumminess la?? :P

After that meal, Fudder wants to kena-kan some ice kacang. And i remembered there's one dessert place nearby that serves not too bad ice kacang. So we headed over to LYG Desserts :D This shop has been around since 2003 / 2004 when i was working in Taipan and have to pass by that shop daily to take a bus back (ya, bus! o.O) :D

After dessert, we decided to balik. Then accident. Wah... i cannot forget the loud crashing sound of 2 cars hitting each other wei! =.=" What happened ah? Erm, Fudder was stopping at the traffic light opposite HSBC and decided to use another route instead and reverse his car. next thing we heard was "CRASSSSSSHHHHHH" followed by "HOOOONNNNNKKKKKKKKK".... wah..... hailat lor! the sound was pretty frightening lor! but hor... fudder's car no damage at all, the car behind, an old model proton saga got a bit the dent. ya. not serious at all. then i suggest we go buy 4D :D

only bought the car number that we were traveling in coz we forgotten to remember the other car's number =.="

No la... we didnt strike at all :D

almost, but didn't :D

After the mini drama, i balik to rot stone again. and started playing my mp3 again and shiok sendiri. so shiok until my sampat hiao next door neighbour (the other one, not the one that kept my phone) purposely loudly say: "Lao gong!! next door slaughtering pig!!!" =.="

ya, my neighbour memang damn one kind one :D so i shy already. and blasted the music louder and started to prancing around the house like some siao char boh :D played with my make up, experiment on some toxic looking fruit that has been left in my fridge for months, knit some, watch 2 dvds and then try to sleep.


but hor, i realized that i am quite good at entertaining myself silly le :D it was fun dancing and prancing around singing along with the songs, it was fun playing with my make up, it was fun attempting to eat that toxic looking fruit that taste equally toxic :P

will i do it again? erm... not in the near future tho :D once in awhile can la... if every sunday also like that, i will do more drastic things like (like start cutting my hair - was tempted yesterday) or start playing prank on my sampat neighbour by knocking on their door and telling them that some suspicious fella is seen lurking near their car :D (also tempted to do that yesterday). :D

yea, i think i m really cuckoo =.="

*lougling - watched Hot Tub Time Machine last night and it's quite entertaining :D (got John Cusack of coz entertaining la! :D) it's a story about 4 guys travel back to 1986 by accident and have to relive the whole sequence of what happened in the past. except for one who wasnt even born yet. at the end, all went back to 2010 except for 1 (Lou) who decided to stay back in 1986 and used his 2010 knowledge and change his life. like changing the band name Motley Crue to Motley Lue. and changing Google to Lougle :D

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