Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy birthday, mummy cow!

Not to say she will ever read this ;-) but anyway, it's my mom's bday today and i know as a daughter, i m suppose to call her to wish her... But i scared! Coz every year call her also will kena scolding from her one :( she hates to be reminded that she is brought to this world where everything and everyone is unfair to her. She hates life (and you all wonder how i am so negative ;-)), she thinks she is reborned to clear her sins from her previous life. But what she didn't realized is, no matter how sucky her life is, she did something great by bringing my bro and i out to this world :-) i m thankful for being conceived and brought out of her womb :-) thank you mummy :-) i know i m honestly a lousy daughter la, but u also quite the lousy mother le! :-p so we both lousy and we both should work hard to live in peace with each other lor :-)

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