Friday, February 25, 2011

something to share

... i find it really 'zar tou' and i really wanna share this :D

So last nite MF was telling me stories about his staffs. and one of the story makes me LOL and laughed non stop. coz i can imagine how 'zar tou' he was. he is afterall someone really no nonsense and serious.... :D

The story goes like this, he has a staff who suddenly went MIA for about 2-3 weeks. obviously he got self terminated la. anyway, since the staff has some commission left with the company, MF called the staff about 3 weeks after he 1st went MIA. After the initial small talk, MF went for the plunge to ask why didnt he turn up for work:

mf: you know, if you have problem, you can always talk it out.
staff: *in all serious tone* no la... no one can help me at all
mf: you are staying with your parents, right? if you have problem, i m very sure they can help you or give you moral support. or if you want, you can always talk to me
staff: *still very serious and sad tone* no la.... this problem no one can help me one...
mf: what is it? do you want to tell me? maybe it will be a relieved for you?
staff: *a bit wavering, but still serious and sad* no la, you really want me to tell you why i didnt turn up for work?
mf: well, if it makes u feel better, ya, why not?
staff: i went to the fortune teller the other day and he told me my stars are not aligned and i should not step out of the house for 6 weeks. that's why i cant turn up for work.
staff: ....
staff: ....

*silence for about a minute*

mf: ok... so when do you want to come and collect your cheque?
staff: i cant leave the house until my stars are aligned again
mf: you mean you have been staying at home this whole time??
staff: ya.

zar dou or not????? next time i dont wanna come to work, i can use this excuse liao! my stars not aligned!!!

like wtf??? roflmao!!! when mf told me last nite, i was actually about to pop in some glutinous rice into my mouth. luckily, i smart. wanna wait till he finish his story before i eat. if not i sure choke to death one!!! :P

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