Friday, February 25, 2011

mental diarrhea

--> whoa.... i went into my private blog to read my old entries. it's really really really bizarre.... i have been updating that blog quite frequently recently. it's quite therapeutic actually.

--> i read back those old entries and i dont quite remember what actually happened anymore since i am always writing ambiguously :P but there's this one weird ass dream that i jotted down. i re-read it and i can remember that dream vividly even until now! weird ass!!

--> i wish to lose the ability to feel. feelings complicate things and confuses the mind.

--> i keep on having this thoughts that Finger is a wild in bed kinda person. dont think he is a balak on bed. and no, i m not lusting over him ok? i just dont believe a person can be a balak all rounder.

--> i.. lost my train of thoughts... =.="

--> i love my niece, Chanel alot. like seriously alot. and i dont know why. am i having the blasted biological clock ticking thingie? i've been playing with the thoughts of being a mother. cue *gasp*. i know, i know, i've been announcing to the whole bloody world how i want to remain single for the rest of my life and how i will never wanna be a mommy. but dunno la... i feel damn incomplete now. i should have accepted your proposal and marry you and give you kids eh? i feel stupid now.

--> i love you.

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