Saturday, February 26, 2011

On a lighter note...

Fuck. The previous entry was meant for the private blog -.-' and i can't move it now with this handphone -.-' anyway, on a happier note, gonna attend an ex-colleague's wedding dinner later tonight :-) it will be great catching up with the rest of the ex-colleagues! :-) the groom is my ex-colleague and the bride is small cow's ex-colleague! :-) but i don't think we will get to hang out much la since she'll be with her gang of zi muis :-) but i seriously am looking forward to this wedding (eventhough i don't do weddings! Heck, i didn't even attend some of my closest childhood friends' wedding!) coz it's a whole bunch of crazy funny people! ;-) i wonder what did small cow and the zi muis planned up for the torturing of the grooms and hengtais (also ex-colleagues!) part! :-)

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